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How to Expand Your Capacity with Erik Allen

Entrepreneurship is a door to endless possibilities. And the key to opening those doors depends on you. Growing your business and reaching new heights depend on you allowing yourself to grow as an individual. Whether you are just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or have been in the business for a while, expanding your capacity as an entrepreneur is essential for achieving and sustaining your success.

In this episode, Daniel sits with Erik Allen, a successful entrepreneur and the Host of the Erik Allen Show. Tune in as Daniel and Erik share tips and wisdom to help you expand your capacity and reach your potential. They also talk about the importance of knowing the right priorities, thinking for the long run, not letting bad moments ruin your entire day, loving people where they’re at instead of making hasty judgments, and turning off the news.

“My desire to be successful is bigger than my desire to sleep.” —Erik Allen

Episode Highlights
  • 03:03 Common Excuses and Alibis
  • 07:52 A Non-Negotiable Commitment 
  • 13:24 C-A-N-I
  • 17:10 Bad Minutes Are Not Bad Days
  • 22:26 Two Things That Can Change the World
  • 29:38 Expand Your Capacity 
  • 37:03 Keep Going


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Connect with Erik:

Erik Allen is a man of extraordinary character and work ethic, having grown up in a difficult family environment and having to fend for himself from the age of 14. After seeking spiritual guidance, Erik found himself on a much-improved path and was blessed with a wife and two children. He is now a successful entrepreneur, as well as the host of a popular MMA podcast. Erik is also devoted to giving back to the community, especially veterans, and is a great public speaker, motivated to share his story with others and inspire them to never give up. Through his faith in God and the blessings he has been given, Erik is making the most of each day.


03:35 “My desire to be successful is bigger than my desire to sleep.” —Erik Allen

04:49 “Don’t allow the excuses, the alibis, and the reasoning that you put in your own mind to keep you from giving in to that God-given destiny that you have. ” —Daniel Gomez

05:50 “When you’re committed, your willpower will show up in a different way.” —Daniel Gomez

16:29 “So many people, when something hits them in the face, that’s all they talk about. But it’s negative and then they wonder why their day is not going right.” —Daniel Gomez

17:17 “Are we having a bad 15 minutes? Or are we having a bad day? There’s a big difference… Don’t let little tiny things hold you back.” —Erik Allen

21:02 “Where you’re at right now, with that constant improvement every single day, isn’t the final destination. This is just one of the bus stops along the bus route.” —Daniel Gomez

22:44 “My job is not to judge anyone. My job is just to love people.” —Erik Allen

28:48 “When you operate from a place of compassion, you’re less likely to judge people.” —Daniel Gomez

32:54 “Part of growth; part of maturity is taking a risk and taking a chance.” —Daniel Gomez