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YOU are the Key to Your Success with Cynthia Caughie

Do you feel like you’re just not getting any better? — It’s a common feeling, and one that can make us feel like we’re stuck. We don’t know what to do, and we don’t know how to change.

The problem is that we often don’t know what “better” even means. If we were able to define it, then maybe we could make some progress on it—but until then, we’ll just keep spinning our wheels and trying new things and hoping they work out.

And if that’s the case, then where do we start? The secret? It starts with YOU! The key to success is within us and our willingness to do the hard work. 

YOU Can Do Hard Things author, Cynthia Caughie puts the emphasis on the word YOU. In this episode, Daniel and Cynthia discuss how we can build confidence and courage with grit, how we can let go of our past and live for the future, what can help awaken our entrepreneurial spirit, and why we should aim for new experiences. 

But in order to take our first step, we should have a clear picture of what we really want to achieve. This begs the question, “Who am I? What am I?” Tune in as Daniel and Cynthia helps us answer these life-changing questions. 

“I choose to live out of my imagination and not my memory. So many times, we live in the past. It's not where I am. I'm going to the future. So I'm going to live out of my imagination.” -Cynthia Caughie

Episode Highlights
  • 03:14 Life Changes From a $99 Ticket 
  • 09:47 From a Business Owner to a True Entrepreneur
  • 18:14 Build Your Confidence with Grit
  • 24:33 All Starts and Ends With You
  • 28:46 YOU Can Do Hard Things
  • 34:40 The Hardest Question to Ask?
  • 38:11 Your Journey Starts Within


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Connect with Cynthia:

Cynthia purchased Homerun Pizza restaurant in 2018 after working as a server there for 13 years. In the short 3 years of ownership, Cynthia herself and the business have seen some rough times – losing her own home in the Tubbs fire, rebuilding that home, the Kincade fire, PG&E shut-offs, a pandemic lockdown, and the unknowns of what comes next. And yet, she continues to thrive as a restaurant owner in the Sonoma County community.

A master at inspiring her employees and connecting the community, Cynthia has persevered as a restaurant owner through hard times and now the pandemic. She has pushed through it all with a smile and a kind word, uniting our community while serving the best pizza with her contagious optimism.


06:35 “So many people right now want somebody to hold their hand to everything. And sometimes, you got to just take action on your own.” -Daniel Gomez

06:51 “A lot of people seek answers in someone else but…  it all starts and ends with you. Success starts on the inside.” -Cynthia Caughie

12:02 “You have to put yourself in a different environment to get a different experience.” -Daniel Gomez

18:17 “You’re not stuck. You’ve just lost perspective.” -Cynthia Caughie 

19:17 “Confidence is worth more than money. You can’t buy it, you have to build it inside of you.” -Cynthia Caughie

20:25 “You can’t win without confidence. You have to have the belief in your abilities and the belief in yourself.” -Daniel Gomez

20:39 “Confidence is on the inside. Nobody can give you the confidence… like nobody can take it away.” -Cynthia Caughie

23:31 “If you don’t have the confidence, that’s when you need to ask yourself ‘why?’ ” -Cynthia Caughie  

27:12 “You have one life to live, why live it for somebody else? Live it for you. But the biggest thing is, who are you on the inside?” -Cynthia Caughie

27:26 “When you change what you think, it will change how you think.” -Cynthia Caughie

27:45 “When you make decisions quicker, you take more action. When you take more action, you build momentum. When you build momentum, nobody’s gonna catch up.” -Cynthia Caughie

28:11 “So many people don’t make quick decisions because they’re worried about everybody else… so they never get the results that they deserve.” -Daniel Gomez

29:22 “It’s all about YOU. Without you, nothing’s going to get accomplished.” -Cynthia Caughie 

33:49 “It’s a natural progression— The more you do, the more confidence you gain. The more confidence you gain, the more courage you have, the more decisions you make, and the more actions you take.” -Cynthia Caughie 

35:53 “That is when progress starts. Be truthful with yourself. It’s a hard thing—Truth.”  -Cynthia Caughie

36:41 “I choose to live out of my imagination and not my memory. So many times, we live in the past. It’s not where I am. I’m going to the future. So I’m going to live out of my imagination.” -Cynthia Caughie

37:32 “Once you learn who you are, you will just be amazed at how quickly you will grow.” -Cynthia Caughie