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Claim Your YES— Redesign Your Opportunities with Lisa Charles

It’s easy to get so busy that we miss out on opportunities to meet new people, explore new places, and make new memories. And it’s not just because we’re too focused on our work—it’s because saying ‘no’ is so easy. If we’re not open to new experiences, growth and learning will never come our way. And even if they do, it will be on someone else’s terms—not ours!

Therefore, saying ‘yes’ is critical to our growth, happiness, and success. It can actually give us more freedom and flexibility than saying ‘no’ ever could. When we say ‘yes’ we are allowing ourselves room to grow and adapt. Not only that! We are also giving ourselves a chance to learn more about ourselves and what makes us happy, maybe even meet someone who inspires us in some way. 

Yes Coach, Lisa Charles joins Daniel this week to give us a broader perspective on the power of a simple ‘YES’. Daniel and Lisa discuss how we can find our inner ‘YES’, claim it, and pursue it. They also talk about how our ‘yes’ can help us become fit inside out, how it leads us to a different way of living, and how it can help us have a positive approach to life despite adversities. In this episode, we also learn how to challenge our limitations, how taking a step back can push us forward, and how to respond to the question of self-awareness and recommitment. Tune in!

“It's not just being able to say ‘yes’. It's: can you say ‘yes’ in moments of consequence?” -Lisa Charles

Episode Highlights
  • 02:39 Find Your YES
  • 05:08 Why People Say NO
  • 09:03 Honesty Pledge
  • 13:42 What Self-Love Means 
  • 19:32 Develop a Positive Approach 
  • 22:12 Take a Step Back to Move Forward 
  • 28:05 Yes! Commit.Do.Live 
  • 31:34 Stop Limiting Yourself with False Reality
  • 34:25 You’re Not Alone


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Connect with Lisa:

Lisa Charles is a federal prosecutor turned singer/actress, wellness expert, certified health coach/consultant, and an acclaimed speaker. She served as the Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator for the Rutgers University Aging & Brain Health Alliance, is the CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC, and the Author of YES! COMMIT. DO. LIVE.

She successfully directed her struggle with temporary vocal loss into personal growth by shedding 77 pounds without dieting. This ignited her zeal for fitness, cemented her understanding of the brain-body connection, and prompted her to delve into the process of creating a life based on passion.

Today, Lisa empowers individuals to let go of their limiting beliefs, embrace who they truly are, and break through any age-limiting barriers, by allowing them to experience wellness from her top/down, inside/out approach. Her strategies center on transformational techniques within and outside the Fitness industry that produces tangible, lasting results.


02:16 “So many times, we pray for opportunities, and then they come. And at that moment, we say NO because we don’t believe it for ourselves.” -Daniel Gomez

03:01 “Find your YES. Don’t say ‘no’. Some people say ‘no’ before they even hear the question.” -Lisa Charles   

05:50 “It’s not just being able to say ‘yes’. It’s: can you say ‘yes’ in moments of consequence?” -Lisa Charles  

07:56 “We’ve all had things that maybe weren’t the most positive in our lives. But you don’t want to live by those your entire life. So when an opportunity comes and knocks, you have to be ready to say ‘yes’.” -Lisa Charles

10:11 “Small steps done consistently over a period of time bring a lifetime of change.” -Lisa Charles

11:10 “All your mind knows is that it can rely on you not to rely on yourself.” -Lisa Charles

11:33 “It didn’t just happen. It is what you did to yourself every day. It’s what you say and it’s the promises you keep or don’t keep.” -Lisa Charles

12:31 “It’s not a question of beating up on yourself. It’s a question of awareness and then recommitting.” -Lisa Charles

14:19 “Love is not perfection. It’s at a ground level saying ‘I’m worth it’.” -Lisa Charles  

23:48 “Changing the relationship with you and fueling your body is a lifetime thing.” -Lisa Charles 

28:58 “I tell myself: ‘I’m getting younger and younger and younger. I am limitless.’” -Daniel Gomez

30:08 “Jump into your age with pride, excitement, and anticipation of what’s to come… Anything that’s limiting you— challenge it.” -Lisa Charles

30:58 “All the trash that you intake that you don’t think of — it affects you.” -Daniel Gomez 

31:39 “If people are making their life based on what they see, they limit themselves based on a false reality.” -Lisa Charles 

33:46 “It can be the way you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be how society tells you it should be.” -Lisa Charles   

37:08 “Don’t break the promises you make to yourself because it’ll rob you of your confidence. It’ll rob you of your consistency.” -Daniel Gomez