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TRY NOT: Making Effort a Guarantee Instead of a Hopeful Wish with Daniel Martinez

Have you ever noticed that when we say we’ll “try” something, it doesn’t feel like a promise? Deep down, the word “try” leaves the outcome up in the air. After all, we can always claim we did our best if it doesn’t work out. 

But in the world of high achievers, there is no room for excuses or maybes. To reach our biggest goals, we must commit with absolute certainty, removing any possibility of failure from the equation. We have to believe in ourselves enough to make our dreams impossible to deny. 

This week, host Daniel Gomez is excited to have fellow namesake Daniel Martinez on the show to prove that without room for doubt, success is the only option; proving that two Daniels are even better than one in this motivating interview.

Daniel Martinez is a top-performing real estate sales consultant at LGI Homes in San Antonio, Texas, where he has consistently ranked as one of their top producers over the past 5 years.

Listen in as they discuss how staying grounded, building authentic relationships, and removing “try” from our vocabulary can help us achieve success, why embracing opportunities is key to expanding our mindset, the trap of confusing movement with progress, helpful sales techniques, the secret to getting your customers to trust you, and practical tips for overcoming adversity and achieving goals.

“They don't care about if you try, you got to do it.” —Daniel Martinez

Episode Highlights
  • 03:12 Betting on Yourself
  • 08:38 Staying Grounded and Focused
  • 13:32 Social Media for Business Growth
  • 17:45 Helpful Sales Techniques
  • 22:46 Willingness to be Real and Vulnerable
  • 26:42 Overcoming Past Mistakes
  • 29:45 Personal Growth and Accountability
  • 34:47 Get Rid of the Word “Try” 
  • 39:30 How to Instill Trust in Customers
  • 43:54 Dream Bigger




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Connect with Daniel:

Daniel Martinez is a top-performing real estate sales consultant at LGI Homes in San Antonio, Texas. He has been with LGI Homes for over 5 years and is consistently one of their top producers. In 2022, he was ranked #1 in Central Texas and #2 nationally for LGI Homes.

Prior to his success in real estate, Daniel worked in automotive sales for over 6 years. He has demonstrated an ability to achieve high levels of success across different industries. Daniel is passionate about building strong relationships with his clients and providing excellent customer service. He goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are happy at every step of the home-buying process.

When he is not working, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He finds motivation and strength through his faith. Daniel strives to be a role model for his community and help as many families as possible achieve the dream of homeownership.


04:00 “You have one job in this world— to keep yourself happy.” —Daniel Martinez 

09:26 “The relationship with the customer starts after the sale. Are you following up?” —Daniel Gomez 

11:02 “Keep small circles, because sometimes your immediate family isn’t your best supporter. Sometimes it’s your clients.” —Daniel Martinez

18:20 “We all breathe the same air, you have the same opportunity as long as God gives you the opportunity to wake up.” —Daniel Martinez

20:00 “Making people feel important is really important nowadays because people like to talk about themselves.” —Daniel Martinez

29:46 “God can do it for you but it has to be according to your faith.” —Daniel Gomez

30:09 “That same dam that gives life to a little town or a city can wipe out a town or a city. So use that gift that you have to make blessings throughout the world. Be a change, start change with yourself.” —Daniel Martinez

32:2 “To change your outer world, you got to change your inner world. You have to be willing to change.” —Daniel Gomez

33:51 “Don’t just do it again, but do it better.” —Daniel Martinez 

34:14 “We come alone to this world and we leave alone. But if you can share this time that we have right now in this world with somebody that you love, appreciate, care about, and respect, it makes it that much more meaningful.” —Daniel Martinez

37:59 “They don’t care about if you try, you got to do it.” —Daniel Martinez 

42:40 “People are not going to buy a house or a car because of the car. They’re going to buy because of you.” —Daniel Martinez