TRY NOT: Making Effort a Guarantee Instead of a Hopeful Wish with Daniel Martinez
January 7, 2024
Free to Be You: The 70/20/10 Rule to Crush Your Inner Critic with Wendy Watson
January 25, 2024

Always Booked: Strategies to Make Yourself the Sought-After Solution for Clients and Customers with Jason Meland

Becoming the “in demand” expert that others seek out is the holy grail for entrepreneurs, as it allows you to attract a never-ending stream of qualified clients seeking your specific expertise, commanding top dollar while maintaining control of your valuable time. Mastering the art of cultivating this elite status grants entrepreneurs unmatched trust, credibility, and social proof to skyrocket their businesses to new heights.

This week, Daniel interviews Jason Meland, the CEO and Founder of In Demand Coach. With 11 years as an entrepreneur and a business coach, Jason teaches coaches and business leaders how to be in demand in their niche, develop high-income skills, overcome limiting mindsets, and persevere to succeed against all odds.

Listen in as Daniel and Jason talk about adopting empowering beliefs instead of limiting beliefs, the correlation between developing high-income skills and becoming “in demand”, why to prioritize yourself instead of being a people pleaser, how to ensure that your message and marketing strategies are evolving at the same time, what it means to polarize your thoughts, and practical strategies and mindset shifts to overcome worry and stress. 

“Success is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.” —Jason Meland

Episode Highlights
  • 03:22 Shifting From Low Demand to High Demand
  • 08:44 Self-Awareness and Skill Building in Entrepreneurship
  • 11:43 Beliefs, Mindset, and Language
  • 16:17 Personal Growth and Success Through Belief Collection and Community 
  • 21:26 Overcoming Fear and Prioritizing Self-Care
  • 28:45 Evolving Marketing Strategies   
  • 34:11 Techniques for Overcoming Worry and Stress
  • 44:44 Perseverance and Success Through Failure




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Connect with Jason:

Driven by a 7-year grind in the fitness industry, Jason Meland found himself facing the abyss – his dream business teetering on the edge of failure. Seeking solace beyond the gym, he took a leap of faith, landing on the daunting obstacle course of American Ninja Warrior. Little did he know, a producer’s whisper there would ignite a revolutionary transformation. Fueled by this newfound wisdom, Jason embarked on a 1.5-year odyssey, wielding his “In Demand” principle like a secret weapon. The results? Electrifying. Within 14 months, his struggling gym morphed into a thriving enterprise boasting 298 members, while his online coaching empire soared to multiple six-figure heights. This wasn’t just personal triumph; it was a blueprint for success. Empowering over 172 coaches with his “In Demand” methodology, Jason ignited a collective client boom of 2147, reshaping the industry landscape. Today, with over $1.3 million in sales under his belt, Jason stands as a testament to the power of resilience, reinvention, and the transformative spark found in the most unexpected places.


06:06 “Entrepreneurs sometimes they just go with the intellectual. But there has to be a heartbeat to it.” —Daniel Gomez 

07:12 “Passion is what gets you going, but that’s not enough… When you start learning the skills that create that demand gap, that’s what starts to progress you forward.” —Jason Meland

15:58 “You think wealthy, and then you become wealthy.” —Daniel Gomez

19:03 “Success is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.” —Jason Meland

21:29 “Once your mind expands, it can never retract.” —Daniel Gomez

27:01 “I didn’t have to be liked. People are gonna judge you no matter what.” —Jason Meland  

30:09 “As your message evolves, your marketing has to as well.” —Jason Meland

39:52 “We act a certain way because we expect reaction from people. And we don’t realize that sometimes.” —Daniel Gomez 

44:07 “Never give up… You can achieve anything — anything— as long as you don’t give up.” —Jason Meland

45:27 “People don’t realize that your dreams are going to cost you something. And sometimes it’s going to cost you to believe in yourself.” —Daniel Gomez 

46:33 “Everybody says success is inevitable… But failure is also inevitable. You’re gonna fail, you’re gonna fail a lot.” —Jason Meland