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Free to Be You: The 70/20/10 Rule to Crush Your Inner Critic with Wendy Watson

Many of us put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, often, without even realizing it. But striving for the impossible only leads to needless stress and prevents us from enjoying the journey. Therefore, we must remind ourselves that our worth is not defined by how much we achieve in one day or one week, but rather in our ability to let go of that relentless inner critic and give ourselves permission to be human— to make mistakes, learn, and grow at our own pace along the way.

This week, Wendy Watson joins Daniel Gomez to discuss letting go of perfectionism and embracing progress. Wendy is the CEO and spiritual therapist at TBR Spiritual Health, helping clients connect their spirituality to daily goals and tasks. As a former corporate employee turned entrepreneur, she guides others in letting go of perfectionism and embracing their highest potential.

Tune in as Daniel and Wendy share the 70/0/10 rule to keeping a positive attitude and maintaining peace when faced with stressors, communicating love languages in relationships, choosing progress over unattainable perfection, and embracing pressure as an opportunity for growth. 

“As the seasons change in your life and things shift constantly, remember to focus on the things that are important in that season at that moment.” —Wendy Watson

Episode Highlights
  • 02:20 From Angry to Positive
  • 06:52 The Unattainability of Perfection 
  • 15:14 Communicating Expectations in Relationships
  • 19:54 Never Returning to a Cubicle Job
  • 27:22 Maintaining a Positive Mindset and Inner Peace in Business
  • 31:55 Embracing Pressure Leads to Growth
  • 36:40 Where Peace Is 




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Connect with Wendy:

Wendy Watson, a Spiritual Therapist & CEO of TBR Spiritual Health, helps people overcome the trauma of divorce and cultivate healthy relationships. As a 2023 Finalist for the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, author of Verbal Turbulence: The 70/20/10 Rule, and speaker, she focuses on cultivating your inner relationships, establishing self-worth, finding Peace in relationships, and strengthening your intuition. 

Wendy guides you to develop your self-leadership and self-ownership so you can cultivate a life that is in better alignment with yourself. A child of divorce, two divorces of her own, 2 bankruptcies, loss of a child, surrounded by addiction and

toxic behaviors, owned and operated several successful businesses … Wendy speaks from experience. No matter what you’ve been through, everything is repairable. The decision to move forward ultimately rests with you, but Wendy can guide and support you as you navigate your desired path forward.


03:17 “If you are unapproachable, people ain’t gonna want to talk to you about your business and that’s gonna hurt what you’re doing, no matter what type of business you have.” —Daniel Gomez 

08:57 “The need to chase perfection is causing your unhappiness.” —Daniel Gomez 

09:40 “You could be in the fastest jet plane, but you are still never going to reach the horizon.” —Wendy Watson 

10:39 “Even if it’s one little step, you can achieve progress every day. The 10% grace that you can give yourself will make you feel a little bit more relaxed, a little happier, and a little less pressured.” —Wendy Watson

15:17 “In trying to be perfect, we become close-minded.” —Daniel Gomez

19:16 “Words are important, but actions are so much more impactful.” —Wendy Watson

27:27 “As long as you’re making progress, you don’t let that flat tire, revert you back. You just fix that flat tire and you continue to your destination.” —Wendy Watson

29:03 “As the seasons change in your life and things shift constantly, remember to focus on the things that are important in that season at that moment.” —Wendy Watson

34:56 “Revenue is important, but more important is your profitability.” —Daniel Gomez