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Leadership Momentum— Building an Empowering Culture That Out-Performs Strategies with Wale Adekanla

Effective leadership is the lifeblood of any successful organization. While leadership styles may vary, truly impactful leaders share certain qualities that allow them to inspire and move their teams to higher levels of performance. At their core, great leaders understand that leadership is not about titles or positions, but rather about one’s ability to consistently add value, solve problems, and empower others. 

This week, Wale Adekanla joins Daniel to share insights applicable to any stage of leadership. Wale is an international executive coach, business consultant, and author. He has worked with leaders across various industries, helping to develop individuals and organizations through customized mentorship programs.

Join in as Daniel and Wale talk about cultivating inner confidence as a leader, creating a culture of momentum in the organization, how culture and mindset can overcome any strategy, and the effect of training and equipping new leaders coming into positions.

“Leadership starts with you leading yourself. If you cannot lead yourself, do not dream to lead other people. If you are given a position to lead other people without leading you, you will cause more problems.” —Wale Adekanla

Episode Highlights
  • 03:45 Leadership Means Self-Improvement
  • 10:24  Invest in Training 
  • 17:15 Culture Eats Strategy
  • 21:03 A Culture of Movement
  • 26:54 Leadership Development and Growth
  • 33:30 Leadership Principles  
  • 36:11 God Has Never Failed




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Connect with Wale:

Wale Adekanla is an Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author. He is the Founder of The Leadership Channel Consulting, LLC and Agile World Consulting Africa Services, LTD. As a highly sought-after Coach, he helps leaders and teams develop the ability to lead, communicate, and collaborate at a world-class level so they can grow, scale leadership, and multiply business results. He is the creator of the Scalable Leadership Framework – The 5 Levels of a Scalable Leader in an Organization. 

As a thought leader, he has become a trusted voice for professionals, business leaders, nonprofit organizations, and leaders from all walks of life. He is an authority on leadership and business growth. He is an Executive Director with the Maxwell Leadership Team, founded by John Maxwell, the #1 Leadership Expert in the World (AMA & Inc.). 

As a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, he offers workshops and seminars aiding personal and professional growth through practical application of proven leadership development systems. He coaches leaders on how to discover and maximize their strengths while offering advanced strategies to achieve higher levels of performance. 

He is a Certified SAFe® Instructor who is responsible for training and coaching business leaders, change agents, consultants, coaches, and team members to drive a Lean-Agile transformation at an enterprise scale. His skills were honed over two decades as a Leadership Trainer who worked throughout the world to create and develop leaders and to seed and nurture high-performance teams. 

Wale has delivered several powerful messages on scalable leadership and guided the development of more than 25 thousand leaders in three continents. This work has contributed millions of dollars to the growth of businesses. He has written 6 leadership books and translated into multiple languages. He has appeared on Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, Kens 5 and ForbesBLK. 


03:20 “A lion doesn’t always have to roar because he knows he’s a lion. So many leaders roar for the wrong reasons. They roar to get attention because they feel insecure.” —Daniel Gomez  

05:00 “If you have to tell people that I am your leader, that means you are not leading yet.” —Wale Adekanla

06:18 “Sometimes, some people are not really leading, they only occupy positions. You don’t need titles to lead.” —Wale Adekanla

08:19 “If you need a title to feel like you are a leader, then there is a problem with your mindset.” —Wale Adekanla

09:33 “Leadership starts with you leading yourself. If you cannot lead yourself, do not dream to lead other people. If you are given a position to lead other people without leading you, you will cause more problems.” —Wale Adekanla

12:11 “If you don’t train them, don’t blame them.” —Wale Adekanla

15:51 “Sometimes, scaling is duplicating yourself.” —Daniel  Gomez

17:35 “If you want to get to the next level, you need to learn the skill set for the next level.” —Wale Adekanla

18:10 “Motivation is not enough. It’s okay to start with motivation. But you need to have more than motivation. Discipline is needed. If you are not disciplined, you cannot be consistent. You need consistent learning.”—Wale Adekanla

26:14 “You create the culture as a leader, the owner of your organization.” —Daniel Gomez

27:17 “Leaders move. So if you are not moving, then that means you are not leading.” —Wale Adekanla

31:53 “So many men and women believe they can handle the task of running an organization by themselves. And you can to a certain capacity. But sooner or later, you need to be poured into; you need to be fed as a leader because you get tired and weary.” —Daniel Gomez