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Overcome  the Biggest Barrier to Fulfilling Your Purpose with Dr. Fred DiDomenico


Unlike any other living being on earth, humans have a higher purpose, a gift to live a meaningful life. Living a life devoid of purpose certainly, spells an overwhelming sadness. In this episode, you will learn how to overcome the biggest barrier to fulfilling your purpose. Daniel and Dr. Fred DiDomenico, the bestselling author of You Are More Powerful Than You Think discuss the difference between happiness and fulfillment, the signs that you are not doing what you’re supposed to do, the reasons behind feelings of unworthiness, and three benefits you can get by overcoming challenges. Stop proving yourself to yourself and to others, because at the end of our lives, only one thing matters. Tune in and discover how you can turn every moment into a life worthily lived.

“You're created in the likeness and image of God, you're perfect, just the way you are. You're here for a purpose.” - Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Episode Highlights
  • 02:48 Happiness and Fulfillment Definition
  • 08:23 Who God Created You To Be
  • 12:15 Discover Your Sole Purpose
  • 17:28 Be Fee To Become Who You Are Created To Be 
  • 24:55 Have The Vision And You’ll Get There
  • 31:24 Stop Proving Yourself to Yourself 
  • 34:40 See Through Your Spiritual Eyes
  • 38:23 With God, All Things Are Possible



About Dr. Fred:

Dr. Fred DiDomenico graduated chiropractic school in 1987. He found his purpose to inspire people how to reach optimal health with the most advanced spinal corrective system available today. He was able to impact the lives and health of 1000’s of patients in 14 years of practice to move from chronic pain, disability, disease, even life threatening conditions to live with confidence and strength with optimal health and wellness.

With an innate desire to elevate the chiropractic profession and raise the awareness of the general public to this more powerful health care system and lifestyle, he formed Elite Coaching, a chiropractic based personal empowerment and business coaching system to transform the profession and health care system from disease care into true health care for peak performance and a peak life. As a life coach, he teaches doctors how to become health care leaders in their community, as well as helping patients live an inspired, optimally healthy life. His clients span internationally and have impacted the health of over a million patients around the world. These were stepping stones preparing him for his ultimate purpose and destiny.

As a strongly, spiritually based person with the opportunity and fulfilling gift to know and live his soul purpose, he was driven to help more people and their true innate, divine power to live with the gift of discovering and living their soul purpose. Because of this desire, “You are More Powerful Than You Think,” was created. This book reveals the H.E.A.L.E.D. system, a spiritually based life coaching system created to consciously connect with God inside you, your spirit, clear of your past limiting beliefs and move beyond your perceived pain of humanity into your divinely guided soul purpose and life of joy. This book and coaching system has the potential to transform over a billion people across the world into a more fulfilling, spiritually centered, soul purpose life.


06:45 “It’s not an easy life, but it is a fulfilling life. There’s a huge difference between fulfillment and happiness. Happiness is condition-based while fulfillment is joy and an internal state. Happiness is an outside in approach while joy and fulfillment is an inside out approach.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

13:03 “The biggest barrier for fulfilling your purpose is success. We make our identity our success. We chase these goals but it’s not what we’re supposed to do.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

13:58 “So many times, the life that we choose is not even the life that we want for ourselves.” – Daniel Gomez

14:13 “You want your parents to be proud of you, so you do what it takes to gain significance with your parents. You think that’s what love is but God’s love is not that.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

16:12 “We make decisions according to the wants in our mind, not the desires of our heart. We need spiritual maturity to know the differences. So we chase what we want, and we give up our desires.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

19:48 “We’re so driven by performance, and when you’re driven by performance, you’re never satisfied.” – Daniel Gomez

20:13 “We’re conditioned on how to receive love and to achieve. The physical world is based on what you do, not who you are.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

23:24 “God opens up windows and doors of opportunity.” – Daniel Gomez

23:30 “Part of the challenge today is they make everybody winners. Responsibility is not about winning or losing, it’s when you set a standard to be your best.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

27:42 “When you are aligned with your purpose, you are protected. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to go through some stuff but He’s going to carry you through the other side.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

31:45 “It’s not wrong to climb that ladder and be on the wrong rung. It’s just a stage in your life, know when to get off. A lot of times we’re trying to prove ourself to ourself.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

32:08 “Learn how to receive by grace, and know that without doing anything at all, you are loved and accepted by God himself.” – Daniel Gomez

32:30 “How we love is the only thing in life that matters and not success.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

36:26 “You’re created in the likeness and image of God, you’re perfect, just the way you are. You’re here for a purpose.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico

37:39 “Every challenge has a gift. It gives you courage, faith, and skill.   When you release the pain, it makes you stronger and your purpose becomes clearer. Set up for the next level of what you’re supposed to do in this life.” – Dr. Fred DiDomenico