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September 28, 2021
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October 10, 2021

Road to 9 Figure- Understand the Systems and Principles of a Thriving Business with Brad Blazar


Do you fear the unknown? This week, Daniel and Brad Blazar, the “$2 Billion Guy” reveal one thing about fear that will change your life forever! In your journey to the summit, you will face countless obstacles and meet people that will drag you down. Let go of the fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. Instead, realign your trajectory and understand business systems and principles that the most successful entrepreneurs utilize. This episode is set up to help you position yourself to be the big man that people will want to do business with. Tune in as Daniel and Brad discuss how you can activate your prey drive, focus on your goals, avoid complacency, and create a mission statement to motivate you in life and in your business. They also talk about the things you should expose yourself to and accelerate your growth. Bet on yourself and achieve greater things. Discover the hidden “key to success” and reach that 9-figure mark! 

“You have to stop listening to yourself, and start talking to yourself. That’s the key to success!” - Brad Blazar

Episode Highlights
  • 03:52 The Scarcity Versus Abundance Mindset
  • 13:11 Activate Your Prey Drive 
  • 19:49 Open the Door to the Big Things In Life
  • 26:53 The Key To Success
  • 30:59 Find Your Purpose
  • 35:58 You Control Your Destiny




About Brad:

Brad Blazar, the $2 billion guy is recognized globally as an expert when it comes to raising capital. At the young age of 23, he started and was the founder of a very successful company in the oil and gas industry. This was brought to an abrupt stop in the late 80’s due to The Tax Reform Act and collapsing oil prices, but it was not about to slow him down. 

Brad went on to find his true passion in life, raising money and helping people. He has raised billions of dollars in the last years for investment sponsors and those in real estate in addition to closing the largest sales for multiple companies. Now Brad consults to companies needing access to capital around the world.

Brad’s premier coaching program Capital School has reached a global audience around the world.


03:39When you add value to other people, you’re gonna get returned in spades.” – Brad Blazar

10:18 “You have to take a certain percentage of your revenues or profits and reinvest it back into your business to improve yourself, gain new knowledge, and add people.” – Brad Blazar

13:58 “Human beings are programmed for comfort and complacency… We get to a point where we’re largely comfortable so we quit hustling, we quit grinding.” – Brad Blazar

16:10 “Everybody wants to be making more money. But very few people are willing to put in the extra work and the extra effort.” – Brad Blazar

19:17 “Most people won’t bet on themselves. You need to bet on yourself!” – Daniel Gomez

20:01 “You have to expose yourself to bigger people that have altitude over you because bigger people are big thinkers that have bigger thoughts and they do big things.” – Brad Blazar

20:46 “Expose yourself to an environment that inspires you. Being exposed to a different environment can help flip that switch and get you to work with greater intensity.” – Brad Blazar

23:03 “Face that fear head on… Most people are held back from doing bigger things in their life by limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and fear.” – Brad Blazar

26:47 “Fear is in your mind. It doesn’t even exist.” – Daniel Gomez

26:58 “You have to stop listening to yourself, and start talking to yourself. That’s the key to success!” – Brad Blazar

28:33 “Business is a mental game too.” – Daniel Gomez

29:04 “Successful people do not listen to the noise. They do not listen to the haters. They block it out, focus on their goals, and focus on talking to themselves because on the journey to success, there will be haters and naysayers.” – Brad Blazar

29:48 “People are haters because they’re failures. They’re insecure and the only way they can make themselves feel good is to project their insecurities on someone else.” – Brad Blazar

30:11 “When you are on your path to success, you’re going to have people that do not want you to be successful… You don’t have to impress people, just focus on yourself.” – Brad Blazar

31:47 “Find your purpose in life, know why you’re waking up every day and why you’re showing up. Without purpose, it’s hard to get back up. When you get knocked down, it’s hard to keep going when you get punched in the gut.” – Brad Blazar

36:44 “If you allow other people to have influence over you or what you’re capable of doing in life, it’s time to find somebody else to associate yourself with.” – Brad Blazar

40:10 “Don’t get comfortable because once you get comfortable, you’re going to start going backwards.” – Daniel Gomez