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October 1, 2021
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The Tactical Advantage for a Successful You with Tony Whatley (SPECIAL EPISODE!!!)

What you can achieve in life depends on who you are and your willingness to walk the hard path. And in order to win the battle, you have to be that person who has the heart, not of a quitter, but that of a winner! 


This week, The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show brings to you a special episode with a special guest, Tony Whatley- the man behind 365 Driven and bestselling author of SideHustle Millionaire. This book is more than a book of wisdom, but an actual, genuine story- Tony’s story. In this episode, Tony relates his own share of fears, challenges, and criticisms received from other people. More importantly, Tony reveals how he found the courage to fight for his thoughts, how he ignites his drive even if he finds himself not liking what he does (at times), the importance of being you and not bargaining yourself for what you can become, and finally, how you can keep yourself motivated to continue reaching out for a higher level of success. 


Become a free-thinker. Quit trying to dilute yourself with what others say about you. Because at the end of the day, your success and the value you can give to others is what will define you. Like Tony says, “Your strategic advantage lies in knowing that other people will quit, but NOT YOU!” 

"Even motivational speakers need motivation. What motivates them?... Successful people execute. They are results-driven. They are not looking for motivation, they look for results. And the results are gritty, grimy, and dirty. And you have to get your hands muddy sometimes." -Tony Whatley

Episode Highlights
  • 05:13 The World Needs MORE Good Leaders
  • 11:44 Be a Free-Thinker
  • 18:14 Face the Criticisms
  • 23:21 Who Do You Want to Serve
  • 30:00 It’s Not You, It’s Them
  • 37:51 What’s Your Priority
  • 42:28 Be the Shark
  • 48:35 Who Do You Need to Be?
  • 01:00:44 Everybody Will Quit, but Not You!


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SideHustle Millionaire: How to Build a Succesful Side Business that Creates Financial Freedom by Tony Whatley


About Side Hustle Millionaire: Turn your passions into profit. Fuel your desire to be in control of your own destiny. Starting a business may seem an overwhelming task for a busy professional, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn the mindset and methods that could have your side business income exceed your career salary.

Interesting Info: The book became the Amazon #1 Best-Seller in only 9 hours, within the Business Marketing category. It sold over one thousand copies in the first week. It held the #1 position for two weeks. It also reached #11 for all Personal Development books on Amazon. It has since sold thousands of copies.

About Tony:

Tony Whatley is an entrepreneur, business mentor, best-selling author, podcast host, and speaker. He is best known as Co-Founder of LS1Tech, an online automotive community which grew into the largest of its kind. This website grew to over 300,000 registered members, and was later sold for millions, in only 5 years. Amazingly… it was just his part-time business! 

Tony shares his mindset and business strategies within his book, Sidehustle Millionaire, and teaches people how to create and scale their companies.

Among other companies, Tony’s latest venture is 365 Driven. This podcast and business consulting brand helps clients become more process-driven and profitable. With his corporate background in managing 9-figure international projects, he consults small businesses on how to benefit from his expertise.

His mission is to help people gain the knowledge and courage to take action. To help others become the best version of themselves.

When not performing the work that he loves, you can usually find Tony travelling the world, or racing cars.

Tony has helped thousands with their startup business, and now it is your turn. No more excuses!


05:15 “The world is craving genuine leadership right now, because we’re seeing so many poor examples of it even at the highest rank.” -Tony Whatley

11:20 “We should all have freedom to believe in what we want and to live as we want.” -Tony Whatley

14:08 “Until you have the courage to be able to stand up and say what you truly believe, and point out the flaws on both sides equally, then you’re never going to be a thought leader. You’re never going to be a free-thinker.-Tony Whatley

15:44 “We have a real problem in the world right now with putting rules ahead of morality.” -Tony Whatley

17:12 ” Science by design is meant to be challenged. It’s meant to be refined over time.”-Tony Whatley

17:52 “So many people are stuck in business because they’re using old strategies and they’re pivoting with the same old mindset.” -Daniel Gomez

20:49 “The more you start to be bold with your opinions and your thoughts, you’re going to offend people– You’re going to.” -Tony Whatley

21:30 “Sometimes you got to be willing to put your neck out there and be laughed at or be ridiculed.” -Daniel Gomez

27:50 “Your confidence doesn’t come from what you wear. It comes from who you are.” -Daniel Gomez

28:35 “Don’t try to communicate something that you’re not because you’re never going to be successful being a copycat.” -Daniel Gomez

35:13 “So many times people hide who they’re becoming to make other people happy, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating yourself.” -Daniel Gomez

39:37 “Whatever you define success for yourself is whatever that is like.” Tony Whatley

42:12 “Whatever you’re choosing to do is your priority, whatever the thing that you’re not doing is not your priority.” –Tony Whatley

42:31 “We refuse to limit ourselves by the limitations that the world puts on us… Stop being that little fish in that little pond. There’s an ocean out there. Become the shark that you were born to be.” -Daniel Gomez

52:12 “The world wants everybody to change for them. But very few people are willing to change themselves to accommodate the world and the opportunities they want in their life.” –Tony Whatley

59:53 “You’re not a failure just because you fail. You’re a failure when you give up.” -Daniel Gomez

01:01:04 “Even motivational speakers need motivation. What motivates them?… Successful people execute. They are results-driven. They are not looking for motivation, they look for results. And the results are gritty, grimy, and dirty. And you have to get your hands muddy sometimes.” -Tony Whatley

01:03:39 “The strategic advantage lies in knowing that other people will quit– but not you!” -Tony Whatley