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What it Means to Think Like a (Successful) Business Owner with Faheem Moosa


If you want to launch your own business, launch it with the mind of a business owner. What does that mean? In this episode, Daniel and Faheem Moosa teach how to think like an entrepreneur. Discover the secret of successful business owners- from growing the business, identifying your ideal clients, and building efficient systems. Most importantly, find out where to best put your investment and why you should be obsessed with your clients’ results. Take a risk, take a leap, and achieve unimaginable results! 

“You have to see yourself as a business owner and start taking the right decisions so you can develop your skills and grow your business.” - Faheem Moosa

Episode Highlights
  • 03:09 Take A Risk, Take A Leap
  • 07:24 Mental Switch To a Business Owner
  • 12:50 How To Grow Your Business On Your Own
  • 16:23 Identify Your Ideal Client
  • 22:20 Unlearn And Relearn 
  • 25:56 Seek Help And Invest In Yourself
  • 32:28 Be Obsessed With Your Clients’ Results


About Faheem:

Faheem Moosa began his career in management on the factory floor at the age of 20. Given the challenge of leading and managing a clothing export & manufacturing group which employed over 1,000 people, Faheem’s highly conscientious and hands-on approach led him to implement a wide range of programs which increased productivity & revenues and decreased costs – all while managing the group’s day-to-day activities.

After this successful management experience, Faheem’s intellectual curiosity and yearning to further explore business led him to complete his MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the renowned Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University (London, Ontario) in 2007.

Immediately prior to founding his management consultancy, Springboarders, in 2009, Faheem honed his strategic planning skills at LEVEL5 Strategy Group Toronto, one of Canada’s premier strategy consulting firms. Faheem’s clients included Fortune 100 companies such as Assicurazioni Generali and others including Research In Motion and Canada Post.

As a strategic business consultant, Faheem has helped 100+ SMB and non-profit clients (B2B and B2C) across 30 industries grow and thrive. He created The Consulting Mastery System to help his fellow consultants attract a predictable stream of high-paying, ideal clients and build thriving consulting businesses they can run from anywhere in the world.


05:02 “Having a job is extremely risky for people that grew up in business families, because you’re putting all your income and your destiny in somebody else’s hands.” – Faheem Moosa

06:30 “In entrepreneurship, you’re responsible for yourself.” – Daniel Gomez

06:57 “When you have a business and you do it right, even if you lose a couple of customers, your income isn’t in jeopardy. Make sure you have multiple sources of income, not just one business.” – Faheem Moosa

08:06 “It’s hard to rely just on your network and referrals to build your business.”  – Faheem Moosa

10:18 “You have to see yourself as a business owner and start taking the right decisions so you can develop your skills and grow your business.” – Faheem Moosa

10:43 “Once you make that mental switch in your identity, you will automatically be able to get your head around and learn what it takes to become a business owner.” – Faheem Moosa

11:15 “If you don’t shift that identity, from the technical aspect to seeing yourself as a successful business owner, you’re never going to be successful in business.” – Daniel Gomez

12:40 “If you don’t know who you are, you’re never going to establish the roots in a business that you need to really succeed.”– Daniel Gomez

13:59 “Growing a business is a process. A business is run by putting together systems that in turn, run your business.” – Faheem Moosa

14:12 “As a business owner, you need to learn about sales and marketing, because it’s not a one time thing. Businesses change overnight, the economy changes overnight. Things keep changing, you need to have those skills to change along with the tide and grow your business.” – Faheem Moosa

15:35 “You have to go out there and learn how to sell yourself. You have to make yourself aware and give yourself exposure.” – Daniel Gomez

18:00 “People don’t have a clear understanding of who they serve and what problem they solve for them.” – Faheem Moosa

18:10 “If you try to be everything to everybody, you’re going to end up being nothing to nobody.” – Daniel Gomez

19:41 “You have to be open minded. If you’re not evolving, you’re not innovating.” – Daniel Gomez

28:05 “A lot of the time, people don’t believe that they can do it. Even with a coach, they feel that they don’t have the time or the technical skills or it may not work for them.” – Faheem Moosa

29:41 “It is common for humans to feel that you’re not deserving of success. So it doesn’t matter what your level of success is, it’s something that happens in your head.” – Faheem Moosa

33:37 “At the end of the day, it’s all about results. If you’re not obsessed with your clients’ results, then very soon you won’t have a business.” – Faheem Moosa

34:24 “Make it your goal to deliver a bit more value to your clients as possible. Be obsessed with the results that they achieve because their success is your success. Celebrate your clients’ wins.” – Daniel Gomez

35:20 “A lot of things go wrong, but let it be. Things sort themselves out and most things improve. Take action, but don’t get too overwhelmed and perturbed by external stimuli and circumstances.” – Faheem Moosa