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October 14, 2021
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REFIRE, Not Retire with Ike Ikokwu


No risk, no adventures. Discover your true purpose as Daniel and Ike Ikokwu, “The Financial Independence Coach”, prepare you to ignite your passion and vision. In this episode, you will discover how to leverage your community, deal with the haters, manage negative emotions, and break the monotony that makes life idle. This is not the time to retire! There is more to life and it is waiting for you to set out on your journey. Embrace the idea of wonders. Tune in and REFIRE your drive! 

“Don't retire because retirement has a fatality and an end to it. Let's re-fire because you were created to continually expand, to give full expression of all of the gifts, the talent, and the very purpose that God placed in you.” - Ike Ikokwu

Episode Highlights
  • 05:36 We Are Wired For Community
  • 08:35 Start A Conversation And Reach Out
  • 11:32 Re-fire And Determine Your Purpose
  • 16:14 No Risk, No Adventure
  • 21:45 Imagination, Creativity, And Innovation
  • 26:47 Live In Your Purpose
  • 30:17 The Potential Inside You


About Ike:

Ike Ikokwu, “The Financial Independence Coach”, is a CPA, CFP and Registered Investment Adviser. He holds a bachelor’s in accounting and a master’s in personal financial planning. Ikokwu is president and CEO of Winning The Money Game With Ike, a tax and financial advisory firm in Cumming, GA. 

Executives, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring and Existing Coaches hire Ike Ikokwu to leverage their purpose, passion, pain, wisdom and experience into building a High Revenue, High Margin, High Impact Business Coaching Practice that generates 7-Figures in Revenues annually, while affording them twelve weeks OFF each year, so they can have the kind of impact, influence and income they desire and control.  Ike is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Business Growth Strategist, Executive Coach, Personal Finance Expert & Founder of The Coachanaire Institute.

Today, he’s one of the most talented advisors in the business world.  Having overcome many adversities to achieve his own success in life, Ike has the ability to change the way we think about things, the way we feel about things, and he can help us change our results like no one else you’ve ever seen.


02:26 “Independence is not our final goal. It’s just a stepping stone to get where we ultimately want to be.” – Ike Ikokwu

03:40 “Pride comes before the fall but humility comes before the honor. And sometimes we don’t even realize that that pride blinds us.” – Daniel Gomez

06:13 “The culture in which we live has given us a meaning that reaching out and asking for help is a sign of weakness… We think that we’re better by ourselves, as opposed to being together with others.” – Ike Ikokwu

09:00 “If you feel like nobody understands the level of adversity and the emotion that you’re feeling, you can simply start a conversation with somebody, or a conversation within you through journaling.” – Ike Ikokwu

10:38 “It’s hard to see yourself when you’re in the picture frame. But when you’re in a community with somebody else, they can shed some light that can help you navigate a dark moment. It’s  an opportunity for you to elevate and step to a new level of perspective, a new level of wisdom, a new level of discernment.” – Ike Ikokwu

12:06 “Don’t retire because retirement has a fatality and an end to it. Let’s re-fire because you were created to continually expand, to give full expression of all of the gifts, the talent, and the very purpose that God placed in you.” – Ike Ikokwu

13:24 “Once you understand your purpose, you now have a charge and a drive that is electric and contagious that’s not easily quenched or put out.” – Ike Ikokwu

16:00 “You were made for more and to go out there and have a global impact.” – Daniel Gomez

17:17 “If you don’t sow and plant in the right season, you won’t get anything when harvest time comes.” – Ike Ikokwu

17:36 “Become like a child because a child is filled with wonder without limitation as to what you thought life has to offer you. You had a blank canvas where  you could paint different picture every day.”  – Ike Ikokwu

19:21 “The whole idea of risk completely changes because it becomes super risky to stay as we are. We’re preventing ourselves from growing and expanding and giving fuller expression to the very purpose that God had in us.”– Ike Ikokwu

20:34 “Commonality kills your dream. You were born for adventure.” – Daniel Gomez

22:54 “The only way this world becomes better is when we individually release our imagination and creativity to the world. And so to stagnate and get comfortable as a business owner is the deathblow of that business.”– Ike Ikokwu

25:15 “No one’s better. It’s all about giving a hand up and helping each other because there’s going to be a point in your life that you’ll need help.” – Daniel Gomez

25:41 “So many times we chase the wind, but you’ll never catch the wind. You’re trying to find happiness in the wrong things. When in reality, happiness comes from within you.” – Daniel Gomez

27:01 “Find your purpose by breaking the monotony of what you’re accustomed to doing in the course of your day.” – Ike Ikokwu

35:54 “You need to start embracing haters. The only reason that they hate you so bad is because they see the level of potential you have and how magnificent you are which freaks them out. They know they’ll never get there but they know you are.” – Ike Ikokwu

36:23 “See hate as one of the most inspirational things that haters could be doing to tell you just how bright your future is going to be.” – Ike Ikokwu

36:53 “Nobody can take away the God-given potential inside you.” – Daniel Gomez

43:53 “Maturity is when we get to a point where our compass goes beyond just identifying things that appear to be good.” – Ike Ikokwu

46:32 “Believe radically, pursue relentlessly. Don’t let anything stop you and see that purpose come to pass. Do those two things and you will achieve remarkably.” – Ike Ikokwu