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Earn the Title: LEADER with Rachel Beck 


Effective leadership breeds unity, success, and many wonderful things. It is a highly esteemed position desired by many, but only a select few will truly manifest what true leadership means. Leadership is earned as we will learn from today’s episode with motivational speaker and author, Rachel Beck. Tune in as Daniel and Rachel uncover the layers of what makes a leader and how exactly is that title earned. They also talk about the unending social issue of racism and prejudice and how empathy and respect can end this war on equality. Change is a grand momentous moment, and we’re seeing evidence of it through little acts of genuine kindness. And everybody, regardless of age, gender, or background can be part of this change we so dream of. It only takes a good heart willing to serve others.

“If you are a leader, earn that title. Stand in the back. Don't abandon them just because times got hard.” -Rachel Beck

Episode Highlights
  • 02:01 Humanizing Social Media
  • 06:25 Why Show Empathy and Respect
  • 12:26 Earn Leadership
  • 18:31 Choose to Get Back Up
  • 24:46 Be Part of the Solution
  • 30:29 You Are Responsible for Your Words
  • 36:42 Be Part of the Change
  • 39:42 Embody Who You Are



About Rachel Beck:

An international award-winning photographer, V. Lakshmi, also known as Rachel Beck has owned and run a photography business in the Midwestern United States for eight years and counting. Writing is her next adventure, a newfound love that she embraces as a thrilling form of art. In looking through the lens of her camera, she has developed a unique perspective for dealing with the myriad boulders life has thrown her way, and now weaves her vision into words in Finding Your Way: When Life Changes Your Plans. V.’s compelling memoir chronicles her uncommon life, starting as an orphan in a remote village in India who was later adopted and raised by a Caucasian Jewish family in America. With vulnerability, humor and insight, she describes the emotions surrounding all sides of adoption, her intense encounters with racism, and her twenty-year battle with endometriosis, combined with infertility and the loss of motherhood. She is still standing today, learning to find forgiveness through it all and providing inspiration as a speaker on all these issues at the core of our humanity. An eternal optimist, she holds a Bachelors of General Studies with Minors in Psychology and Gender Studies and keeps one goal in her heart: that her triumphant stories inspire and help out as many people as she can before she leaves this planet.


03:09 “Don’t worry about the outcome so much. Just add value in serving the people.” -Daniel Gomez

03:23 “If you impact one person a day, you did your job for the day.” -Daniel Gomez

08:57 “We need to respect cultures, religion, and beliefs. No matter what anybody is, it is our right as a human being to feel the way we feel and what our thoughts are about everything.” -Rachel Beck

12:26 “If you are a leader, earn that title. Stand in the back. Don’t abandon them just because times got hard.” -Rachel Beck

16:44 “If you have the education, it is your right as a human being to pass it on. Anybody who’s hiding their gifts from this world is not helping anybody.” -Rachel Beck

22:24 “Of all the things, what people need right now is stability, calmness. Why? Because our lives are freaking out right now.” -Rachel Beck

28:50 “You’re exactly who you’re supposed to be. So stop allowing the opinions of other people to make you feel that you’re less than because you’re not.” -Daniel Gomez

31:18 “You’re still responsible for the words, whether you’re hurting or not… People are allowed to have their opinions, but there’s a nice way to have a conversation through mutual respect.” -Rachel Beck

39:50 “Serve from your heart. You’re here for a reason, for a purpose. Embody who you are.” -Rachel Beck 

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