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There is a Beautiful Rose in You with Audrey McKinley


This week, we are talking about gardening, not just of any common botanical, but a very special one- you. You have a very beautiful rose inside you that’s ready to bloom. In this episode, Daniel and serial entrepreneur Audrey McKinley will help you overcome the most powerful enemy that stifles your growth- fear. Daniel and Audrey share ways you can “mow your lawn”, prune yourself, and cultivate faith and servanthood. Most importantly, learn why you should step down as the CEO of your life. Tune in and find out how surrendering can give you more strength and freedom to live your purpose. 

“You're not alone. God sees you. He knows you. He created you for a time such as this. If He goes before you, He will lead you and guide you down the path you need to know.” -Audrey Mckinley

Episode Highlights
  • 02:59 80% or 20% ?
  • 07:11 Be Still and Surrender
  • 13:51 How to Surrender
  • 18:55 Mow the Lawn and Grow
  • 23:17 Prune Yourself
  • 31:41 Choose Servanthood
  • 37:49 Walk the Pathway to the Land of Milk and Honey
  • 40:48 Be Still




  • The Pathway to the land of Milk and Honey by Audrey McKinley (COMING SOON) 

About Audrey McKinley:

As a pioneer in the Automotive Industry Audrey started as a receptionist in a large car dealership after graduating and earning her Bachelors’s degree from the University of California (UCI), Irvine. She was quickly recognized and promoted within the organization. She excelled as a contract administrator, car saleswoman, finance manager, and director. She developed Internet & Special Finance Departments in the early 2000s and has worked alongside many other roles within dealerships. Today she is the founder and President of Auto Network Consulting, My Auto Protect, and AudreyMcKinley.com

As a previous account executive for one of the big three automotive manufacturers, her role was to launch dealerships with products, processes, and F&I development. While there, she achieved President’s club multiple times and soared over 10 million annual gross sales for F&I revenue’s within dealerships.  

She is dedicated to bringing that same passion she did for herself to others. Her commitment is to partner with dealerships as a “trusted advisor”, propelling them to achieve their goals while providing coaching and an array of products and knowledge.

You will quickly discover that her knowledge is not limited to finance but to the overall understanding of your dealership’s goals and operations including your DMS platforms and reinsurance structures.

As a wife, mother, and dog lover, Audrey spends her time with the community as a philanthropist and mentor. She invests in youth by mentoring with the Hispanic 100 program. She is the Vice President, executive board member of the Love Thy Neighbor nonprofit and executive board member of the You Are Beautiful project and leads worship with Saddleback Church Español in Lake Forest. She is a motivational speaker and empowers women by showing them how to take a leap of faith to find their purpose and pathway to success.


05:42 “The biggest challenge that one may have is fear.” -Audrey Mckinley

06:29 “If you’re not growing in life, if you’re not growing in business, you’re never going to encounter fear.  As you go to this next level in every aspect, there’s always fear there because that’s where the joy, the excitement, the thrill comes in. If you’re not fearful in any way, you’re not growing.” -Daniel Gomez

10:53 “As humans, we only see what’s in front of us but we don’t see that big picture. Or we see the big picture, but we don’t see what’s in front of us.” -Audrey Mckinley

14:25 “Surrender is not about me, it’s about the impact that He will do through me.” -Audrey Mckinley 

17:14 “Not everyone’s going to go with you when you’re climbing the ladder. It’s very lonely.” -Audrey Mckinley

19:16 “People need to caution themselves. Sometimes they think the grass is greener on the other side, but maybe you need to mow the lawn to allow it to grow.” -Audrey Mckinley 

20:06 “A lot of people just give up before they even see any success.” -Audrey Mckinley 

21:14 “There’s always something that you can do. But you have to take that ownership.” -Daniel Gomez

27:24 “You just need to become what God created you to be and let it be. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.” -Audrey Mckinley 

36:25 “The proximity, the environment that we put ourselves in makes a difference.” -Daniel Gomez 

37:54 “You’re not alone. God sees you. He knows you. He created you for a time such as this. If He goes before you, He will lead you and guide you down the path you need to know.” -Audrey Mckinley   

39:50 “When you let go, God can change everything for you.” -Audrey Mckinley

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