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December 3, 2023
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December 17, 2023

Future Focused— Spark Growth and New Possibilities with Emily Letran

Envisioning our future self has the power to provide the motivation we need to take bold steps forward. When we focus on the opportunities ahead rather than our current limitations, we can unlock new ideas and pathways to growth. 

This episode features a powerful conversation with Dr. Emily Letran, a successful business owner, speaker, and coach who came to America as a refugee with nothing and through hard work built a very successful career and businesses. She now enjoys helping others achieve their dreams and reach their highest potential through her coaching, mentoring, and motivational speaking.

Tune in as Daniel and Dr. Letran dive into the importance of having a giving mindset and supporting others in achieving their dreams. They also talk about the importance of focusing on your future self, the foundations of success, the need to be your biggest supporter, tips for business acceleration, and how small acts of service can create a bigger impact. 

“You have a 100% track record of living through a bad day. And sometimes, you just beat yourself up.” —Dr. Emily Letran

Episode Highlights
  • 04:53 Achieving Your Desired Future
  • 10:38 2 Steps to Realize Your Goals
  • 15:22 Strategies for Achieving Success 
  • 21:10 The Foundations of Success: Self-Belief and Support
  • 30:04 Creating Impact as a Speaker
  • 37:40 Giving Back to the Community
  • 41:18 Good Enough is Good Enough
  • 47:06 Be Your Biggest Fan  
  • 52:40 Insights on Business Acceleration




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Connect with Emily:

Dr. Emily Letran is a successful business owner, speaker, and coach based in California. She came to the United States as a refugee from Vietnam and has achieved the American dream through hard work and perseverance. Dr. Letran owns multiple dental practices and has experience buying and selling businesses. She is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and shares her story of overcoming hardship through her speaking engagements. Dr. Letran is also an active philanthropist and enjoys mentoring business owners on growth strategies.


04:44 “Whatever your goal is, do not lock yourself out today, in the present.” —Dr. Emily Letran 

09:43 “You are not a tree— you could get up and leave.” —Dr. Emily Letran

17:16 “Nothing’s gonna happen if all you do is just put it out to the universe. You got to put some work into it, you got to put some strategy into it.” —Dr. Emily Letran

21:46 “We get so familiar with who we are that we don’t even recognize there’s something that needs to change.” —Daniel Gomez

23:08 “You need to be the biggest supporter of yourself. You need to support your own dream. Because if you can’t support your own dream, how can somebody else support you?” —Dr. Emily Letran

25:26 “If you can’t commit to it, you’re not going to do it.” —Dr. Emily Letran

35:35 “We have so much opportunity. But many times we don’t grasp it, because we’ve never been in that dire need.” —Daniel Gomez 

37:01 “You can overcome your hardships, and then you can rise above that. And on top of that, you can help people.” —Dr. Emily Letran 

43:03 “The metric may be money, the metric may be fame or PR, but measure it with some heart.” —Dr. Emily Letran 

45:29 “Good enough is good enough…  We think we have to reach that level, and we don’t. We just need to first show up.” —Dr. Emily Letran 

50:04 “You have a 100% track record of living through a bad day. And sometimes, you just beat yourself up.” —Dr. Emily Letran