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Beyond the Bravado: How to Live Deeper and Awaken Your Leadership Potential with Anthony Perez

Facing the messy depths within takes guts, but that’s where real growth lies. Those who mine emotional gold through vulnerability and self-reflection will forge the strongest, most inspiring bonds and transform how they lead. Living shallowly protects the ego, but diving deep is the only way to your best self – and to guide others to theirs.

This week, Daniel sits with Anthony Perez, a business coach and author who draws from his experience as a Navy veteran and entrepreneur. He works with companies to develop strong leadership and increase employee engagement through training focused on emotional intelligence and building a positive organizational culture.

Listen in as Daniel and Anthony tackle some of the toughest issues men grapple with— suppressing emotions, living on the surface, and believing asking for help is a weakness. They also discuss how negative emotions can manifest physically, why it’s crucial to release that “junk in the trunk”, the key to overcoming frustration and growing your leadership potential, and the secret to forging stronger connections.

“We find ourselves evaluating ourselves. And sometimes, it's not a good evaluation. Be present. Enjoy the now and be kinder to yourself.” —Anthony Perez

Episode Highlights
  • 01:34 The Consequences of Emotional Suppression 
  • 05:42 Faith, Business, and Personal Growth
  • 09:58 Cultural Roadblocks in Business 
  • 13:52 Personal Accountability and Leadership Growth
  • 22:08 Emotional Struggles In Men
  • 29:15 The Importance of Emotional Release and Self-Awareness
  • 36:31 Living a Deeper Life 




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Connect with Anthony:

Anthony Perez is a Navy veteran, successful entrepreneur, speaker, and community leader with over 25 years of experience building and developing leaders. Anthony’s true passion is being a teacher on the topic of emotional intelligence and leadership. His gift is the ability to connect people to accomplish good and be a true advocate and community leader supporting those who need a voice.  Anthony has been appointed by the governor of Colorado as a board member to the Colorado state’s minority Business Advisory Council, and by the mayor of Colorado Springs as the commissioner for the urban renewal authority.

Of the hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations Anthony has worked with, all agree his insight is exceptional and his direct but humorous style is compelling. His use of personal observations and experiences allows him to relate to the audience and provide Perez-ism that can be immediately implemented by participants.

Anthony’s TED talk on servant leadership has impacted thousands and has been used in graduate programs around the nation and helped other speakers, authors, consultants, and experts gain clarity on how to create their message and individual brands.

When it’s all said and done, Anthony is a confident but humble individual whose true passion is about giving back to his community and to those that he supports and serves near and far every day. Anthony describes his leadership style as compassionate while demanding expectations. His motto is, you NEVER abandon your expectations of execution.

In his new book, Professional Durability, the author asks readers to look for parallels from their life experiences and apply them to their professional growth and development to help themselves and others. Self-awareness, resilience, accountability, and how to stay committed to achieving desired outcomes are central to the discussion.


03:44 “If you keep suppressing and pushing stuff down, and you don’t deal with it, it’s not healthy. It’s going to come out, and it doesn’t come out the way you want, or when you want.” —Anthony Perez

08:33 “The more you try to force things to happen, the more you try to manipulate the situation, the more you try to manipulate people, that’s where the frustration sets in.” —Daniel Gomez

10:47 “Vulnerability is a strength and is a good thing when used properly.” —Anthony Perez

12:04 “Individual commitment— that’s what makes a team work, that’s what makes an organization work.” —Anthony Perez

13:08 “You have to consistently hold yourself accountable to the things that you say are important in your personal life and your professional life.” —Anthony Perez

16:24 “There are two guarantees in the people business: reward and disappointment. And as a leader, it’s our job to look at how to minimize disappointment and maximize rewards.” —Anthony Perez

21:03 “You gotta be looking upward. That’s where the guidance is. That’s where the protection is. That’s where the wisdom and the knowledge is to help us get through those storms.” —Anthony Perez  

22:20 “As human beings, female or male, your body’s not equipped to suppress all these emotions.” —Daniel Gomez

29:35 “If you want to be a person of influence, influence yourself first.” —Anthony Perez   

32:13 “You need to be kinder to yourself. Stop living life at the surface level.” —Daniel Gomez 

34:47 “We find ourselves evaluating ourselves. And sometimes, it’s not a good evaluation. Be present. Enjoy the now and be kinder to yourself.” —Anthony Perez

Contact Anthony: