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The Art of Decision: How Knowing When to Say Yes and No Unlocks Success with Jose Escobar (Part II)

Which path progresses your purpose best?

Discerningly choosing our battles means having the wisdom to evaluate opportunities and only commit to those that are fully aligned with our vision, values, and capabilities. This approach prevents wasted time and resources, allowing us to focus our energy only on endeavors that can truly move us steadily closer to our goals and dreams.

This week, Connected Leaders Academy Founder, Jose Escobar is back by popular demand to share the power of committing with intention. Jose is a bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur who has built multiple six-figure businesses. By committing to a daily morning and evening routine for an entire year, Jose was able to clearly define his vision and priorities, empowering him to make strategic decisions that led to doubling his income and launching new ventures.

Tune in as Daniel and Jose share the importance of investing in personal growth on a daily basis, sales techniques, the value of hard work, how to make decisions that align with our vision, the benefits of having the right support system, and what it means to live a life of service. 

“It's crazy how many people don't believe in themselves because they're waiting for somebody else to believe in them. So stop waiting for somebody to believe in you and start believing in yourself NOW.” —Jose Escobar

Episode Highlights
  • 03:10 Sales Techniques and Product Mastery 
  • 06:49 The Importance of Hard Work and Skill Development in Sales
  • 11:15 Personal Investment and Earning the Right to Receive
  • 14:52 Growing From Your Initial Vision and Mission
  • 21:12 Business Growth and Mindset
  • 26:43 When to Say YES and NO to Opportunities
  • 31:34 The Importance of Mental Toughness
  • 37:39 Self-Care— A Foundation for Success
  • 41:09 Neglected Life Domains
  • 49:00 Turning Desires to Actions
  • 55:19 The Value of a Coach 


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Connect with Jose:

Jose Escobar is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker based in Maryland. He is the founder of Connected Leaders Academy, which has over 300 members in 42 states and 17 countries. Jose launched two businesses in 15 months that expanded to eight income streams and seven figures in revenue. He is the best-selling author of Winning the Day: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Morning and Evening Routine Mastery. Jose enjoys martial arts, spending time with his wife and five children, and helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


03:57 “So many times, people undervalue themselves in the fact of they don’t realize all their life experiences helped them become who they are today.” —Daniel Gomez

04:33 “You have to really know the ins and outs of your products and services. And you have to believe in your products and services at the highest level.” —Jose Escobar

06:12 “Sales is the only skill set that you can take with you no matter where you go.” —Daniel Gomez

06:44 “If you’re not fully confident in what you’re doing, you’re not going to be passionate about selling it.” —Jose Escobar  

08:00 “All these other tons of people are equally talented. But what’s going to separate everybody is the hard work behind the scenes.” —Jose Escobar 

08:28 “The better you are at your skill, the better you are getting results. And the better you are getting results, the more exciting sales is going to be and the more you’re going to enjoy the process.” —Jose Escobar

09:58 “Once people see you committed, they start looking at you differently.” —Daniel Gomez 

13:04 “You’re going to grow at the level of how you invest in yourself. And that’s just what it is.” —Jose Escobar

25:17 “Make sure that you’re willing to stop just learning all the time, and start applying.” —Jose Escobar 

20:20 “When you say yes to everything, you don’t give yourself a chance to develop. You’re always in that seat warmer mode.” —Daniel Gomez 

29:51 “Once you pull the trigger on something, you have to be consistent with it. And in order to be consistent with something, you have to have some high-level discipline. And in order to have the discipline and the consistency, you got to make sure you are mentally tough because people are going to say no to you.” —Jose Escobar 

30:34 “So many people are waiting to be led— you have to be a leader every single day and stop waiting to be led by someone.” —Jose Escobar

30:54 “Find ways intentionally to lead yourself because you have to go out there and you got to start communities, you got to start your own path, you got to do what you need to do every single day. And the first person that you lead is yourself.” —Jose Escobar 

35:41 “Everybody’s at different levels, and different levels come with different challenges” —Jose Escobar

38:04 “It’s the experiences you give your wife. It’s the experiences you give your kids— that’s what they remember.” —Daniel Gomez

40:46 “You can’t pour out of an empty cup. We all know that but so many people do all the time. And that leads to all of the negative automatic negative thoughts that come into our minds.” —Jose Escobar  

51:37 “It’s crazy how many people don’t believe in themselves because they’re waiting for somebody else to believe in them. So stop waiting for somebody to believe in you and start believing in yourself NOW.” —Jose Escobar