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From Idea to Influence: How to Harness the Power of Publishing for Credibility and Brand Growth with Michael D. Butler

There are 8.1 billion unique stories right at this moment, but not all of them get to be heard. Most of them are buried because of fear of criticism, uncertainty about our writing abilities, or apprehension about revealing deeply personal parts of our lives. Nonetheless, we must recognize that there is power in written words. It is not only about honoring our experiences but also leaving a precious gift for future readers hungry for wisdom, empathy, and connection. 

This week, Daniel is joined by Michael D. Butler, also called The Simon Cowell of Book Publishing. Michael is the founder and CEO of Beyond Publishing, a company that is helping authors become published worldwide. As a bestselling author himself, Michael has given thousands of talks around the globe and is passionate about helping others share their transformational stories. He now lives his dream of traveling the world and using the power of storytelling to make a positive impact.

Listen in as Daniel and Michael discuss how taking ownership of your past pain can unlock your potential and how to turn your life experiences into a life-changing book. They also share top tips for writing your book in just one hour, how to build your brand through writing, how to leverage your book to expand your reach through coaching and publishing, how to reach bestseller status, and more! 

“Most people get stuck in their story and they don't write their book because they're not Ernest Hemingway. But Ernest Hemingway wasn't Ernest Hemingway until he wrote his first book. So write that first book to become famous to create the momentum in your life.” —Michael D. Butler

Episode Highlights
  • 01:50 Purpose Impacts Personal Growth
  • 05:35 Take Action on Your Dreams  
  • 12:12 Overcoming Stuckness
  • 18:37 Understanding the Global Reader
  • 23:45 Leveraging Books for Success
  • 30:03 Writing a Book for Credibility and Brand Growth
  • 35:10 How About Hiring a Ghost Writer?
  • 38:07 Giving Tuesday


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Connect with Michael:

Having published 350 titles by 150 authors in 15 countries (and counting), Butler supports his authors by getting them on stages and promoting their books at the major book shows of the world through catalogs and foreign rights sales for maximum distribution. In 2019, Butler spoke in 20 countries. He runs the Global Elite Speakers Bureau which puts speakers and authors on stages globally.

Butler has been a guest on Fox News and has gotten his clients onto CNN, Dr. Phil, TMZ, TLC, Rolling Stone, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc500, TBN, TruTV, Fox Business, and many others.

His Podcast, The Publisher Podcast is heard by thousands globally and features guests from Hollywood and the Literary Industry.

He has published 4 International best-selling books in multiple languages: The Single Dad’s Survival Guide, Best-Seller Status – Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age and The Speaker’s Edge – Turning Your Part-Time Passion into Your Full-Time Speaking Career and It’s Complicated – When Finding Love was a Matter of Letting Go.

He Founded and runs 1040Impact.org that rescues kids in human trafficking, educates them and teaches them trade skills to equip them for life in Asia in places like Pakistan.


03:25 “I believe in the power of the human spirit— you can change the world.” —Michael D. Butler 

07:11 “When we get punched in the face, we can either take action or we can create a reaction.” —Michael D. Butler

09:37 “You don’t pay attention when you don’t pay. When you don’t invest in yourself, you don’t take the time to grow yourself.” —Michael D. Butler

12:37 “If you don’t take responsibility for your actions, then who’s going to take that responsibility? There comes a point where you have to look deeper inside because your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” —Michael D. Butler 

16:29 “Most people get stuck in their story and they don’t write their book because they’re not Ernest Hemingway. But Ernest Hemingway wasn’t Ernest Hemingway until he wrote his first book. So write that first book to become famous to create the momentum in your life.” —Michael D. Butler

17:53 “What people want to see is the result— the person you became as a result of writing this book.” —Michael D. Butler

19:25 “When you talk about money, people think you’re greedy, but it’s really the legacy that you’re leaving for your family.” —Daniel Gomez 

20:25 “Your struggle can be an encouragement to somebody else. Your story can bring inspiration to someone who may have given up.” —Daniel Gomez  

21:24 “You want other people quoting you. People are the new media.” —Michael D. Butler

26:24 “Most of your money doesn’t come from the book, but it comes from the things the book does.” —Michael D. Butler

28:55 “If you have poor self-esteem, a poor self-image of yourself, you’re never going to grow into who God created you to be.” —Daniel Gomez 

31:08 “Your brandwith equals your bandwidth.” —Michael D. Butler

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