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November 8, 2021
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November 20, 2021

Stop Painting Your Windows Black with Harry Spaight


Have you ever met a pushy, pitchy salesperson and wondered if that’s how you sound like when talking to your customers? Sometimes, we do wish the business would grow itself without sales. But sales is the very foundation of business and it also plays a major role in your personal development journey. This week, Daniel sits with Harry Spaight, author of Selling With Dignity. Learn how developing your skills can help you in times of adversities, live with no excuses, build your character, and become more in business and in life. Stop painting your windows black. Whatever you do, this is all on you. Other people’s opinion of what you can and cannot do should not become your reality. You can be a salesperson without the smell of desperation. This is “sales made easy!” Tune in!    

“You can be successful in sales without compromising your values. Being a good person will go a long way to being successful in sales.” - Harry Spaight

Episode Highlights
  • 04:11 Painting The Windows Black Depends On Us
  • 11:04 Embody Your Role
  • 17:40 Learn In Life, Develop Skills And Reflect
  • 22:52 I Am A Winner!
  • 32:59 Invest In Yourself
  • 37:37 No Excuses
  • 41:02 Endurance Brings Success





  • The Pathway to the land of Milk and Honey by Audrey McKinley (COMING SOON) 

About Harry Spaight:

Harry Spaight is the Director of Sales at HGI Technologies, a speaker and a coach. He is also a podcast host in the Lead Sell Grow Podcast. Harry came from more than a decade of service doing mission work. The journey included many great experiences in the US as well as getting to chip away at the once formidable Berlin Wall in 1990 and see people’s reaction to freedom from communism in 1992 at St. Petersburg, Russia, to the adventure of living an amazing two years of service in the Dominican Republic.

Harry believed that his background of service and the people skills he had learned, the ability to develop trust, putting others first and being a genuine listener while being relatable, would transfer over well into sales. Early on in his career, he wondered if his thinking was correct. From what he saw, sales people appeared to be pushy and do pretty much whatever it takes to get the business. He realized quickly that it was not going to work for him which led him to writing his book Selling With Dignity

Harry’s life purpose is helping others to get more out of life by serving others. It not only works in sales, but also works well in human relationships too.


05:45 “It’s not about the competition, it’s about what you do as an individual to grow your company.” -Harry Spaight

06:27 “The ones that are struggling tend to hide behind their computer. But if you just did it the old fashioned way and went out and spoke to people, there’s no doubt you’d be successful.” -Harry Spaight

08:26 “We can complain about the economy, we can complain about the pandemic… But all we need as individuals is our little piece of the action.” – Harry Spaight

09:40 “Forget about all that negative thinking. Just do what we know and what needs to be done in order to be successful and good things will happen.” – Harry Spaight

10:53 “Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing outside those windows, worry about what’s going on inside your four walls, your studio, your office, and in your life.” – Daniel Gomez

11:44 “In order for you to become more in business, it starts with insight.” – Daniel Gomez

11:56 “You’ve got to believe that this is for you. If you don’t believe, you’re set for failure. There’s a lot of people that are succeeding and you’re smarter than they are.” – Harry Spaight

13:33 “If we stay consistent with our practices, we’re slowly going to build a pipeline. It doesn’t happen overnight.” – Harry Spaight

15:53 “Read and get trained so that you can develop your skills because the best people and businesses typically have the best sales types at the top.” – Harry Spaight

16:27 “One of the top three professions that produces the most millionaires is sales.”  – Daniel Gomez

18:09Look back at what you have accomplished in life. You weren’t always a natural professional, you learned.” – Harry Spaight

25:16 “There’s always slumps in sales… We’re all gonna have slumps.” – Harry Spaight

26:04 “You don’t know when it’s going to happen, but you just have to keep enduring until it happens.” – Harry Spaight by Thomas Edison

29:10 “Don’t listen to other people. They don’t have that dream that you have. Your dream is for you.” – Daniel Gomez

29:23 “Sales builds your character and resilience. Embrace and see that journey of becoming that future you.” – Daniel Gomez

35:09 “You have to invest in yourself to be better in sales. Just thinking we’re good at it is not right. Ask someone who’s great in sales for an honest evaluation.” – Harry Spaight

35:55 “You have to learn, relearn, and unlearn the crap that you learned along the way and then relearn what you forgot that you had already learned. ” – Daniel Gomez

38:48 “You need to act now, make that call… Excuses keep us from moving forward and growing.” – Daniel Gomez

39:17 “You can be successful in sales without compromising your values. Being a good person will go a long way to being successful in sales.” – Harry Spaight

41:22 “Endurance in sales is going to bring success. There’s always going to be adversity.” – Harry Spaight

42:40 “Everything starts with the sale.” – Harry Spaight