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Be Always On The Lookout For The Next Breakthrough with Jazmin Salinas

As individuals, we are always seeking personal growth and development. We yearn to push past our limitations and achieve breakthroughs in various aspects of our lives. But often, we find ourselves facing numerous mental barriers that hinder our progress. 

But before we can overcome mental barriers, it is crucial to identify and decipher their underlying causes. By delving deeper into these issues, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and the specific obstacles we need to overcome.

Join Daniel and Massive Capital’s Investor Relations Manager, Jazmin Salinas in an insightful conversation about recognizing and conquering mental barriers. Moreover, they shed light on the secrets to thriving in the real estate industry, the significance of granting yourself the freedom to find joy, and being a bridge to empower others.

“You are your superhero. Nobody is going to come and save you and give you an opportunity and do it for you. You need to take responsibility and take action.” —Jazmin Salinas

Episode Highlights
  • 01:45 A Story of Resilience and Grit
  • 07:21 Take Responsibility for Your Feelings
  • 13:41 Profiting From Real Estate
  • 17:17 Identifying Mental Barriers 
  • 21:21 Stop Play Victim
  • 28:53 Celebrate Yourself
  • 34:02 You Are Your Superhero
  • 41:33 Do It WholeHeartedly


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Connect with Jazmin:

Jazmin is a Serial Entrepreneur at heart, she founded her first start-up and hired her first employee when she was 15, with a broad range of experience working with businesses of all sizes in multiple industries and expertise in customer service and sales, backed up by a couple of business degrees nationally and internationally.


06:02 “Somebody in the same situation that you are, is winning.” —Jazmin Salinas

14:53 “Location is number one for any kind of real estate.” —Jazmin Salinas

16:00 “An undiscovered diamond is still a diamond.” —Jazmin Salinas

16:28 “The more prepared that you are, you know, you can add more value to people.” —Jazmin Salinas

18:48 “Invest in yourself. Nobody’s gonna bet on you unless you do.” —Jazmin Salinas

18:56 “You can’t win without confidence. You need confidence to get out there and take action.” —Daniel Gomez 

22:59 “You’re never going to get the life you want; the business you want if you don’t take a step in the direction that you want to go to.” —Daniel Gomez

36:27 “When we focus so much on ourselves, we complain more than usual. And nothing kills the next level of success like complaining.” —Daniel Gomez 

39:11 “Everything is related to what you have inside.” —Jazmin Salinas

39:44 “You are your superhero. Nobody is going to come and save you and give you an opportunity and do it for you. You need to take responsibility and take action.” —Jazmin Salinas 

41:02 “The moment you become bigger than your problems, your life will change.” —Daniel Gomez