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July 2, 2023
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Message Through Professional Speaking with Jim Cathcart

Imagine commanding a room with confidence, effortlessly conveying your message, and leaving a lasting impact on your audience. That’s the power of professional speaking— a skill that can transform your life and career. 

Professional speaking is not just reserved for TED Talks or formal conferences; it’s a skill that can turbocharge your success in any professional setting. From boardrooms to sales pitches, team meetings to networking events, the ability to speak eloquently, engage your listeners, and articulate your ideas confidently can catapult you to unprecedented success. 

Hence, this week’s episode is focused on helping aspiring speakers to enhance their communication prowess and unlock boundless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Get ready for an intriguing conversation as Daniel chats with Jim Cathcart, an accomplished Professional Speaker and the brilliant mind behind Cathcart Institute. 

Tune in as Jim shares valuable insights he gained from his own journey as a speaker, the transformative power of public speaking, and the secrets to becoming one of the highest-paid speakers out there. Daniel and Jim also uncover a surprising secret from Earl Nightingale and discuss the three crucial questions we should ask ourselves, the link between intentionality and success, strategies for overcoming limitations, how our perception of our audience can influence our speaking style, and so much more!

“It's not just your story. It's what your story does for other people.” —Jim Cathcart

Episode Highlights
  • 02:41 The Simple Life
  • 06:45 Becoming an Expert 
  • 11:56 A Strange Secret  
  • 17:56 3 Questions to Ask Yourself
  • 23:25 Stop Undervaluing Your Story
  • 30:13 The Importance of Honoring Yourself
  • 36:14 The Power of Speaking
  • 44:59 What is a Professional Speaker 
  • 49:25 Becoming  a Paid Speaker


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Connect with Jim:

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is one of the most award-winning and most admired speakers in the field of personal development. He has written 25 books, delivered over 3,500 highly paid speaking engagements all around the world, and spoken in all 50 US states and many other countries. His TEDx video has over 2.6 million views and he’s been inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame along with Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Patricia Fripp, and so many others.


18:27 “You listen to a podcast episode one time and you expect lifelong changes. It doesn’t work that way. You need to study it like you’re going to teach it.” —Daniel Gomez

20:53 “Intentionality is the primary factor in success.” —Jim Cathcart 

24:10 “You’re capable of making a difference.” —Jim Cathcart 

26:45 “It’s not just your story. It’s what your story does for other people.” —Jim Cathcart

28:00 “What other people have been telling you that limits you have been a symptom of their limited worldview and their fears, not a symptom of your potential.” —Jim Cathcart 

31:17 “The only reason for a speaker is to benefit the audience.” —Jim Cathcart 

33:20 “You’ve been blessed with the ability to make the world a better place in small and maybe large ways. And when you don’t use your gift, all of the rest of us are cheated out of the contributions you could have made.” —Jim Cathcart

44:35 “It cost nothing— Itakes no education, no physical skill. You don’t have to be special. You don’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to be smart. All you’ve got to do is care and take a moment to share your space on this earth with somebody else in a way that acknowledges their dignity.” —Jim Cathcart 

47:27 “It’s not the business you’re in, it is the way you’re in business that determines whether you’re a pro.” —Jim Cathcart