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Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs with Roy Snarr

Self-limiting beliefs can be deeply ingrained within ourselves, affecting every aspect of our lives. These beliefs often stem from past experiences, societal expectations, or negative self-talk. However, these self-imposed limitations are nothing more than illusions! They are just designed to create doubts in our abilities and question our worthiness. Without our permission, these thoughts don’t hold any value at all. 

This week, we have the pleasure of having Roy Snarr, the Founder of Snarr Agent Academy, joining us. Roy’s journey was shaped by unfortunate events like his mother’s accident and the market crash in the 90s, which left his family devoid of the financial and emotional stability they rightly deserved. However, Roy realized that it wasn’t just the external circumstances that affected his progress, but rather his own thoughts. This revelation triggered a strong determination in him to escape the clutches of insecurity. With his sights set high, he embarked on a quest to unravel the secret to unlocking his true potential.

Listen in as Daniel and Roy spill the beans on how we can regain the reins and kick those self-imposed restrictions to the curb. They also delve into the art of reframing our thoughts, pinpointing and tackling our pesky limitations head-on, and waving farewell to the nagging doubts that stifle our progress. Plus, they also share wisdom on the perils of overcompensating, the game-changing combo of staying persistent and fiercely driven, and why we should give some serious thought to how we spend our precious time.

“It doesn't take much to do big things. You just have to be consistent with it.” —Roy Snarr

Episode Highlights
  • 03:12 Breaking the Shield of Insecurity
  • 10:26 The Circus Elephant Syndrome
  • 15:24 Determination Beats Intellect
  • 19:09 3 Things to Start Implementing for Success
  • 24:26 Why Audit Your Time 
  • 28:05 Break Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • 36:21 Small Things Grow  


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Connect with Roy:

At 14, an unfortunate incident occurred where Roy’s mother was left permanently disabled due to a driver’s negligence in running a stop sign. This incident, coupled with the market crash of the 90s, resulted in the loss of their home, savings, and her mother’s retirement assets. They lacked safety nets, sound financial strategies, and sufficient insurance coverage. The only financial assistance we received was through his mother’s monthly Social Security Disability check. Moreover, living with Roy’s elderly grandparents exposed him firsthand to the financial and emotional strain that the long-term care system places on families.

For the past ten years, Roy has been dedicated to safeguarding individuals’ finances from market volatility and unforeseen circumstances. He has established a highly successful agency that exclusively offers secure products and alternative solutions, ensuring guaranteed retirement income. Roy’s efforts have assisted numerous individuals in preparing for potential long-term care needs. 

Presently, Roy is expanding his mission by equipping insurance agents with the knowledge of asset protection and illustrating the immense value it can bring to their businesses.


04:27 “The more vulnerable you are, the more real you become because we all go through the same thing.” —Roy Snarr 

12:06 “You have to change your own beliefs and your perception of yourself because it impacts so many people around you.” —Roy Snarr 

14:19 “If you just want to reinvest into yourself at a fraction of the cost and spend the same four years on personal development, you can literally change the whole world.” —Roy Snarr 

17:23 “I’m not that smart. I’m just determined. If you just have the determination and the heart, you can make it.” —Roy Snarr 

23:15 “You need to learn how to communicate with people. Because once you have that skill, then you can do anything in the world that you want.” —Roy Snarr 

23:53 “First you think like a millionaire, then you become a millionaire.” —Daniel Gomez  

29:37 “If you’re ignorant, then you’re controlled. When you’re docile, they can make rules and rule over you. That’s the reality so you have to break out of those self-limiting beliefs.” —Roy Snarr 

36:33 “It doesn’t take much to do big things. You just have to be consistent with it.” —Roy Snarr