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Be the Captain of Your Own Craft with Jeff Senour

When it comes to pursuing our dreams, we often can’t help but second-guess ourselves. We worry that we aren’t good enough, or smart enough, or don’t have the right connections to make our dreams a reality. We find ourselves filled with doubt and perhaps even fear of the unknown, not sure if we have what it takes to make it and achieve our goals. This is normal, yet it can be paralyzing, preventing us from taking action and reaching for the impossible.

That’s why this week, we have Jeff Senour joining us on the Daniel Gomez Inspires Show to talk about pushing ourselves and learning to become the captain of our own craft. By sharing his unique perspective from a literal point of view, 7 miles high in the air, Jeff hopes to get us to stop second-guessing ourselves and strive to reach our dreams. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear more of Jeff’s inspiring words and insights that will surely motivate you to strive to reach any goals we have.

"God wants us to have a servant's heart. He wants us to serve others." —Jeff Senour

Episode Highlights
  • 03:00 Inspiring Others To Follow Their Dream
  • 08:12 True Forgiveness and Grace 
  • 11:40 A View That Captures the Heart
  • 18:30 Valuable Lessons From Valuable People
  • 25:08 Servant’s Heart
  • 30:54 Practice What You Preach


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Connect with Jeff:

Jeff Senour, born in Portland, Oregon and mostly raised in Southern California with parents his Dad flew private airplanes and his Mom was a Violinist, was taught from an early age that if you believe in yourself and have a dream you can make it come true.


06:04 “It’s how we overcome that fear when we go through it.” —Jeff Semour

10:07 “When you don’t forgive yourself, it blocks us from receiving what God has for us.” —Daniel Gomez

14:10 “We make circumstances a lot larger than what they are.” —Jeff Semour

20:31 “If you have your health, that’s one of the biggest commodities you can ever own in your life.” —Jeff Semour

23:51 “A lot of life is being able to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.” —Jeff Semour

25:12 “God wants us to have a servant’s heart. He wants us to serve others.” —Jeff Semour

26:48 “Our destination is what our moral compass takes us to.” —Jeff Semour

28:29“What we take for granted, eventually we lose it.” —Daniel Gomez

31:43 “If you don’t practice what you preach, you can’t ask for much respect from them.” —Jeff Semour