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Be a Humble Beast with Mark Cox

When we become a successful entrepreneur, it is easy to fall into the trap called ego. We’ve created something from nothing. We might not have had a lot of money to start with but we have a lot now. We’ve beaten the odds and used our intelligence and charisma to navigate the world around us. But the success we’ve achieved means nothing if we lack these two things: humility and grit. 

The success of our business is mainly dependent, not on our skills, but on our integrity and values. This means that we should be the embodiment of humility and grit— the willingness to do the hard yards to achieve success and the courage to own our failures.

In this episode, Daniel sits with Beyond the Mat author, Mark Cox to talk about what becoming a humble beast means for entrepreneurs. They also talk about the importance of going to the process of growth rather than relying on instant gratification, why we should hire a mentor, why we should not blame our inadequacies for our failures, the ego trap, and the 5 values we should strive to live by. 

“You need humility to become great… You got to be a humble beast. You got to be a beast where you need to be a beast— but be humble in spirit when it comes to winning and be humble in losing.” —Mark Cox

Episode Highlights
  • 03:45 It’s a Climb
  • 09:47 2 Things That You Should Learn in School
  • 13:21 Why Hire a Mentor 
  • 17:37 If There’s a Will, There’s a Way
  • 21:18 Stop Blaming Your Inadequacies
  • 27:06 Find a Way
  • 31:53 5 Values to Live By 
  • 39:25 Beyond The Mat  
  • 45:17 We’re Here to Win


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Connect with Mark:

Mark Cox has been involved with owning Martial Arts schools for 40 years, he has produced over 700 Black Belts. He brings a lifetime of experiences on and off the mat. His wisdom and life lessons learned from teaching, coaching, mentoring, and competing has contributed to life “Beyond the Mat”. Mr. Cox holds several Black Belts (8th Dan Tang Soo Do-Chuck Norris System), (5th Dan Krav Maga), (1st Dan Hap Ki Do), (Purple Belt Sergio Machado Jiu Jitsu).

Mr. Cox brings his experiences to life as a best selling author, motivational speaker, and still teaches his students that grit and grind will produce growth in your life. He brings a balance of humor and real talk to the table, meeting people where they are in life and helping them navigate a positive outcome in life experiences.


05:40 “There has to be a process in growing— because if you can’t, then you have no gratification of what you’ve achieved.” —Mark Cox 

07:15 “I will work myself 100 hours a week on my business so I don’t have to work 40 hours a week for somebody else’s.” —Mark Cox

07:44 “Duplication is the key. Duplicate yourself into your business so that you can affect thousands of lives just by this little dream.” —Mark Cox

20:27 “You can get knocked down seven times, you got to get up eight.” —Mark Cox

25:26 “You need humility to become great… You got to be a humble beast. You got to be a beast where you need to be a beast— but be humble in spirit when it comes to winning and be humble in losing.” —Mark Cox

31:55 “There’s a fine line between cocky and confidence. You have to have some confidence in yourself that you can do things without being cocky, because then you’re going to get knocked right in the face.” —Mark Cox

32:57 “You have to have perseverance because every day something is going to come up that’s going to knock you off course. You’re going to have to figure out how to get back on the train tracks and move forward because there is no stopping a train when it’s moving forward.” —Mark Cox

34:39 “There’s a difference between saying it and living it. And when you live it, you become it.” —Mark Cox

44:19 “I didn’t have any humility in the loss. That’s where I failed.” —Mark Cox

44:55 “You’re mad that things aren’t clicking because you’re trying to resolve the problem in your own ability instead of relying on God’s abilities.” —Daniel Gomez

47:38 “We’re here to win. We’re not here to give up and have a spirit of weakness.” —Mark Cox