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December 5, 2021
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How to Create Your Life to Become Unbelievably Successful! with John Knotts


Do you feel defeated in life? Sometimes, we may feel that what we do in life is not enough. However, comparing your achievements to another’s success is a trap. Rather, choose to become the creator of your life and you’ll find unbelievable success. But, where do you start? In this episode, Daniel and John Knotts, the Success Incubator will let you in on some amazing tips on making a clear plan and walking a sure path to success. Learn the difference between purpose and mission and how knowing it can speed up your process, the challenges that may hinder you and how to overcome them, how to make wise decisions in life and in business, and 3  enduring thoughts to help you design and create your life. Believe in yourself! You are a diamond waiting to shine!

“You never achieve your success. You always chase your success!” - John Knotts

Episode Highlights
  • 04:09 The Success Incubator
  • 08:27 Focus On Knowing Your Purpose
  • 11:03 The Scale Challenge
  • 14:26 Becoming Unbelievably Successful
  • 20:48 Finding Your Purpose Starts With You
  • 25:05 What Hinders Your Goal
  • 32:36 How To Make A Change In your Life
  • 41:16 Making A Decision Is A Choice
  • 44:27 Be That Creator In Your Life
  • 50:42 3 Thoughts to Start Designing Your Life



Becoming Unbelievably Successful by John Knotts (COMING SOON!)

About John Knotts:

John Knotts, the Success Incubator is a coach and consultant with over 30 years of experience in military, non-profit, and commercial leadership coaching and consulting. He has an extensive background in strategy, change, process, leadership, management, human capital, training and education, innovation, design, and communication. 

John is a 21-year Air Force Veteran, a former consultant with Booz | Allen | Hamilton, and was a strategic business advisor with Fortune 100 company, USAA. He owns his own coaching and consulting business, Crosscutter Enterprises. He and his wife own a 100-acre horse farm with 35 to 40 horses. 

John was a Doctoral student in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology with Walden; holds a Master’s Degree in Quality Systems Management from National Graduate School; and his Bachelor’s is in Management from American Military School. He has a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from Smarter Solutions, a Master’s-level certification as a Change Management Advanced Practitioner from Georgetown University, and Change Management certification from Prosci. Additionally, he has had extensive training and education in information technology, project management, and agile methodologies. John has an extensive writing, speaking, facilitating, and teaching background. 

In the Air Force, he was instructor certified and is an Advanced Toastmaster with experience in ten different clubs in Europe and the United States. John’s also a certified Master Speechwriter. For both National Graduate School and Hallmark University, John’s been an Adjunct Professor. He published a fictional novel,One Dead Marine, is an avid blogger, and Overcoming Organizational Myopia: Breaking Through Siloed Organizations


04:53 “I believe that my success is in the success of the people that I talk to, I work with, and I deal with on a regular basis.” – John Knotts

06:32 “Everybody and everybody’s business is just a rough diamond waiting to be crossed cut.” – John Knotts

07:14 “I would leave nothing in my wake but success.” – John Knotts

07:40 “Once you understand the reason behind the name of your business, it makes it very hard to forget.” – Daniel Gomez

08:45 “The biggest problem that all people and businesses face is that they lack clear purpose.” – John Knotts

09:29 “Once you understand your purpose, it doesn’t matter what you do. You’re going to enjoy it every day; you’re going to live it every day. You’re going to obsess over it, because that’s who you are.” – John Knotts

10:10 “When you have a mission statement for your life, even when you have a bad day or a bad month, it doesn’t take you off kilter, it doesn’t tilt you to the left or to the right, as you stay your path. When you have your mission, it gives you a bigger purpose.” – Daniel Gomez

10:48 “So many times, we make the mistake that we hit a level of success but we get comfortable and we don’t incubate ourselves to go to the next level because we don’t want to go through the pain again.” – Daniel Gomez

11:07 “Often, we talk about scaling businesses, but it affects people. We grow to a certain point then we struggle to get to the next level because we lack strategy.” – John Knotts

11:39 “Purpose and mission are two different things. Purpose is why you exist and then mission is what you do with that.” – John Knotts

14:12 “People are going through different challenges time and time again but they are unique. You have to understand what they’re doing before you start diagnosing what’s happening.” – John Knotts

15:11 “You never achieve your success. You always chase your success!” – John Knotts

16:46 “Becoming unbelievably successful is a journey.” – John Knotts

18:05 “There’s a lot of people that volunteer full time and make no money and are paid in gratitude and feeling and self-actualization.” – John Knotts

22:48 “We live our life in a maze. As we come to every intersection, we have opportunities.” – John Knotts

27:51 “People force you to get a degree without purpose and direction… If you don’t know why you’re doing it, you will always struggle.” – John Knotts

32:17 “As we start to grow, we start to make more and more excuses.”– Daniel Gomez

33:33 “You have to start believing in yourself. Self-affirmations, talking to yourself in the mirror, power poses, or whatever you want to do, you have to do it daily.” – John Knotts

34:11 “When you blame anything except for self-efficacy, you will never be in control of your destiny.” – John Knotts

36:42 “When you have your plan, have your path, and then learn to believe in yourself, things start to change.” – John Knotts

38:44 “When you can say to yourself that every single thing that happens in your life, good or bad, is a result of what you’ve done, you will change your life.” – John Knotts

42:31 “You’re faced with millions of decisions all the time. And it’s a matter of how many hard decisions that you select define how you live your life.” – John Knotts

50:09 “Stop looking at things as problems and start looking at them as opportunities. When you start looking at things as opportunities, you become a creator in your life.” – John Knotts

51:02 “Plan for 100 years, live for today.” – John Knotts

51:53 “Write down one thing that you’re going to explore and learn every week. Do one thing that you’ve never done before with the emphasis of learning from it.” – John Knotts

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