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Release Your Full Potential and Live It! with Jon Blakely


In life, obstacles are permanent. It’s how we see and handle things that differs. Sometimes, we see no answer to our problems or even if we do, we fail to see our own ability to accomplish great things. In this episode, Daniel and Jon Blakely, the Executive General Manager of Coyle Automotive Group will help you see and release your full potential. Listen in for useful tips and values that will help you enhance your ability and skill set, change to a positive perspective, put yourself back on track, be a true leader, and build a sustainable and successful career. Don’t quit and be consistent in what you do. You have the power to overcome anything and everything that hinders your success! 

“Don't give up on yourself, you've got the courage, you've got the skill set, you can empower yourself to move mountains and really make an impact around the people or with the people around you.” - Jon Blakely

Episode Highlights
  • 01:10 What Hinders Your Dreams?
  • 06:39 How to Overcome Barriers To Success
  • 14:05 The Power of Self-Reflection
  • 18:58 Be The Example
  • 21:21 Go for Change!
  • 27:07 What It Takes To Become A Leader
  • 32:05 Don’t Give Up


About Jon Blakely:

Jon Blakely is the Executive General Manager of Coyle Automotive Group in Clarksville, Indiana. Jon began his journey in retail automotive in 2010 by responding to a newspaper ad with Andy Mohr Ford, quickly found success and moved through the ranks. Within 2 years he had made the Internet Department #1 in the State, grew & developed the Subprime Finance department and influenced growth & expansion for the entire automotive group. He ran the #1 volume Ford store in Indiana for over 10 years and has personally written over $1,000,000,000 in retail transactions. Jon has been married to his wife Jessica for two years and they have one son, Jonathan. In his first year in partnership with Coyle, he grew the store’s volume over 120% through the pandemic and increased net profit by 1200%. His tenacity has led Coyle to experience even more growth in 2021. Jon is an avid leader within his dealerships and the community. Jon’s motto (influenced by his brother’s company – Mighty Movement) is simple; “Be The Example”.


06:00 “You have to stay consistent to what you did in your first 30 days in order to be successful and sustainable in your career.” – Jon Blakely

06:35 “If you quit whatever you’re doing, you’re going to continue quitting.” – Daniel Gomez

06:51 “Remain humble. Regardless of the success that you have, somebody helped you along the way, you learned something from somebody else so give that credit to those people.” – Jon Blakely

07:03 “There will be situations that are outside of our control and we can’t handle, but we can always control our reaction. Remain positive, remain upbeat, look for the best and be optimistic about everything.” – Jon Blakely

07:54 “One of the biggest lies that people have been told is they can will themselves to thinking positive, but it doesn’t happen that way.”– Daniel Gomez

08:18 “I can’t control how somebody else reacts, but I can control how they react to me. So I look inward to myself constantly, and do a lot of self-reflection.” – Jon Blakely

09:18 “So many times, we are having big wins in our life but we just don’t see it.” – Daniel Gomez

10:45 “We sometimes need to take a step back, look at the success that we had, appreciate it, and understand that there always has to be a little bit of a correction.” – Jon Blakely

11:22 “Failure isn’t necessarily a failure. We just need to reset and take a look at where we started to where we’re at.” – Jon Blakely

13:22 “People put limitations on themselves because there’s a little bit of fear of the unknown so they become timid.” – Jon Blakely

13:58 “Let’s remain humble and help others accomplish the same thing that we’re accomplishing right now.” – Jon Blakely

17:08 “It’s time to release that hidden potential in you and live to your full potential, and go out there and serve people.”– Daniel Gomez

17:51 “Self-reflection is key… You just need to do that reset.” – Jon Blakely

20:51 “Be that example for everybody else around you so they have something to look at. People are a creature of their environment. Sometimes all it takes for somebody to be successful is for them to see it in real life so they don’t get stuck in that same rut.” – Jon Blakely

22:50 “Changing your environment is the first step everybody needs to take, and it starts with you. You need to do something different than what everybody else is doing if you want to do something different for yourself.” – Jon Blakely

28:59 “Don’t be a leader that leads from the mountaintop, be a leader that comes down the mountain.” – Daniel Gomez

30:13 “When you associate with your team on a deeper level, go down, and serve from that leadership position, they’ll respect you more and honor you more.” – Daniel Gomez

30:45 “Instead of investing all this money into advertising, let’s invest in our people.” – Jon Blakely

31:19 “We need to build those relationships with the people around us… If you’re trying to build a business, you can’t just sit back and command from the mountaintop. We have to be involved so people will respond much better.” – Jon Blakely

32:25 “Don’t give up on yourself. You’ve got the courage, you’ve got the skill set; you can empower yourself to move mountains and make an impact with the people around you.” – Jon Blakely