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The Power of Emotional Release: Why Hiding How You Feel Endangers Your Health with Kimberly Stevens

We often slip into the habit of putting on a brave face rather than openly admitting our vulnerabilities. But beneath the surface, emotions can swirl in ways that are anything but calm. However, like water dammed behind a cracking wall, unexpressed feelings will find an outlet one way or another, whether through physical symptoms, conflict in relationships, or deteriorating mental well-being over time. 

In this episode, Daniel sits with Kimsurance founder, Kimberly J. Stevens to talk about how resilience, community, gratitude, and faith can offer hope in life’s darkest moments.  

Despite immense personal tragedy including losing her young son to illness, battling breast cancer, and facing financial ruin, Kimberly Stevens’ indomitable spirit has driven her to transform pain into purpose. Through courageous vulnerability in her acclaimed memoir  ALTAR’d and as a sought-after keynote speaker, she shares hard-earned wisdom on finding resilience within life’s deepest valleys and empowering others with the hope that carried her through.

Listen in as Daniel and Kimberly share practical tools and strategies to help process grief, insights into how suppressed emotions can manifest physically, the importance of emotional release, the power of shifting one’s perspective in hard times, and how healing comes from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.

“When we're in pain, we want to get back to joy. And if we shut off pain, we shut off joy also.” —Kimberly Stevens

Episode Highlights
  • 01:56 Lessons From Personal Loss
  • 07:25 How Journaling Helps Process Pain 
  • 13:53 Suppressed Emotions Lead to Illness
  • 18:56 Finding Hope Through Faith
  • 25:26 The Power of Sharing Your Story
  • 31:31 Enjoy the Moment




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Connect with Kimberly:

Kimberly Stevens is an author, keynote speaker, and breast cancer survivor. She is a former championship swimmer for the University of Iowa, being inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2016. Kimberly overcame tremendous adversity, including losing her son to illness as a child, battling breast cancer, and losing her home and finances.

Despite these challenges, Kimberly found resilience and hope through her faith. She processed her experiences through journaling and ultimately wrote a book titled  ALTAR’d, sharing her story of overcoming adversity. Kimberly is passionate about encouraging others and uses her platform to bring hope and healing to those facing challenges in their faith. She enjoys connecting with others and helping them find purpose and strength even in the midst of suffering.


06:43 “I wrote in the good times I wrote in the bad times.” —Kimberly Stevens 

10:00 “When we’re in pain, we want to get back to joy. And if we shut off pain, we shut off joy also.” —Kimberly Stevens

15:53 “All this negativity has to come out somewhere. It comes out in the form of sickness. Do not create your own tombstone by shutting yourself off.” —Daniel Gomez 

20:17 “If you’re sowing negative words into your children, you’re creating the reality of what you’re living in. Because there’s no way to get a positive outcome from negative words.” —Daniel Gomez

23:18 “Hope when the answer is no.” —Kimberly Steven

30:20 “Hope when the answer is yes, but later.” —Kimberly Stevens

32:29 “[God] remembers your sin and your shame no more. And so, if you’re holding yourself hostage right now, remember that God doesn’t even remember it anymore. He’s removed that as far away from you as the east is from the west.” —Kimberly Stevens

34:14 “So many people never enjoy the moment. Start enjoying your life a little bit more. Enjoy enjoyment!” —Daniel Gomez

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