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Foundations First: How Investing in Your Underpinnings Are Essential for Lasting Success

Building a strong foundation is essential for achieving lasting success. Yet too often we seek quick gains without first laying deep roots. However, lasting achievement is built not on superficial growth, but on a sturdy platform able to weather challenges over the long term and yield success not just now, but for seasons to come. This calls us to focus inward, doing the important but unseen work of shoring up weaknesses before expanding outward. 

In this powerful episode, Daniel shares personal insights on growth, maturity, and success. Reflecting on his journey overcoming challenges, Daniel shares hard-earned wisdom on the importance of learning lessons in each season to progress to the next level, how character development is key in leadership, relationships, and finances, how daily gratitude practices help through difficult times, and the significance of letting go of resentment and negative emotions.

“You must mature in the season that you're in to get promoted to the next level because God's not going to release that next level of blessing if you're not ready for it. You got to have the right foundation in order to go higher.” —Daniel Gomez

Episode Highlights
  • 02:36 Lessons in Every Season
  • 06:22 Build Your Foundations First
  • 10:17 Where We Must Mature
  • 15:49 Soar Higher, Go Deeper
  • 17:59 Let Go of the Old  
  • 21:43 Wake Up With a New Attitude




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Meet Your Host! 

Daniel Gomez is an Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Executive Coach.

Daniel coaches and speaks at events all over the world! His passion is to elevate individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to achieve their true potential through their training and coaching programs. Many of Daniel’s clients increase their revenue by over 50%.

Daniel was voted one of the Top 20 Executive Coaches for 2020 in San Antonio, Texas. He is an Influencer, 3-time International Best-Selling Author, and Podcaster of the Year for The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show. Daniel’s high energy and ability to unlock the untapped potential in people have made him a highly sought-after speaker and coach for top organizations including the U.S. Air Force. He was honored with the “Best of 2019 & 2020 Awards” for his training and coaching.

He and his wife, Mari Gomez, believe in giving back and supporting women whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer through their 501(c)(3) nonprofit, “The Mari Strong Foundation.”


03:52 “Are you the one prolonging your season? So many times God’s trying to do something new in our lives but we keep ourselves stuck in our old season. God can’t do the new if we’re stuck in the old.” —Daniel Gomez

06:33 “God is not going to release the next level of success in your life in your business if you’re not ready for it because He doesn’t want it to destroy you. He doesn’t want the success that He gives you to crumble because your foundation is not ready.” —Daniel Gomez

08:59 “You grow in skill set, you grow in knowledge, but you mature in your character.” —Daniel Gomez

09:50 “What you wake up looking for every day, you’re going to find.” —Daniel Gomez

15:32 “You must mature in the season that you’re in to get promoted to the next level because God’s not going to release that next level of blessing if you’re not ready for it. You got to have the right foundation in order to go higher.” —Daniel Gomez

16:48 “To go higher, we must go deeper.” —Daniel Gomez

18:08 “In order for the new to come in the old must go away. God is trying to take you higher, but he needs to deal with that resentment in your heart. —Daniel Gomez

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