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Let Go of the Past and Receive Your Future: Lessons from 4 Years and 200 Episodes

We’ve reached the BIG 200!!! 

We thank all of you for your loyal support over these past four incredible years. It is because of you— your willingness to tune in week after week, your sharing of our messages with others, and your enthusiasm for being a part of this journey— that has made this dream a reality. You have carried this show further than we ever thought possible. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making this such a rewarding experience. This special episode is dedicated to celebrating our success! 

Join the celebration as Daniel shares how trusting God despite fear can lead to unexpected success, how taking inspired action can remove illusions holding us back, why we should embrace challenges, and how to receive blessings fully.

“You don't get what you want in life. You get what you believe you deserve. You deserve what you believe you’re worthy of” —Daniel Gomez

Episode Highlights
  • 00:53 The BIG 200! 
  • 05:05 You Get What You Believe You Deserve
  • 11:00 Don’t Buy Doubt
  • 16:04 God Blesses a Moving Target 
  • 20:06 Nothing is Ever Easy
  • 26:38 We Reap What We Sow
  • 30:56 Stop Pointing Fingers 
  • 34:51 Pride Comes Before the Fall




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Meet Your Host! 

Daniel Gomez is an Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Podcast of the Year Recipient. Daniel speaks and coaches at events all over the world!

His passion is to elevate businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their true potential through their training and coaching programs. Daniel has empowered his clients to build epic success in their personal and professional lives. He is the International Best-Selling Author of “You Were Born to Fly”, a book written to inspire and give people the high-performance habits and confidence needed to be the leaders of their own destiny.


03:40 “You’re worthy and deserving of God’s best. You’re worthy and deserving of more in life.” —Daniel Gomez

04:28 “You don’t get what you want in life. You get what you believe you deserve. You deserve what you believe you’re worthy of” —Daniel Gomez 

06:12 “We never receive anything good ’cause we don’t ever expect anything good for ourselves. Change your expectations.” —Daniel Gomez 

08:58 “God does not create losers. God creates winners.” —Daniel Gomez

10:22 “If you don’t change the way you see yourself, people in the world are going to see you the way you see yourself. You need to start seeing yourself as a winner.” —Daniel Gomez

13:46 “I didn’t know how to do it. I had to trust the fact that God knew how to do it.” —Daniel Gomez  

14:15 “You got to take that first step scared. If you never take that first step, you’re never going to know what could be.” —Daniel Gomez 

22:28 “When you start asking the right questions, then the right answers start coming to you.” —Daniel Gomez

25:11 “The more you start challenging yourself, it’s going to hurt. But the easier it gets.” —Daniel Gomez

27:44 “It’s okay to receive bigger in your life, you have no reason to feel guilty.” —Daniel Gomez

29:32 “Stop trying to do it by yourself. We all need help on our road to success.” —Daniel Gomez

31:40 “Stop pointing fingers. Take ownership of your life. Take ownership of your business… There’s a freedom that comes with taking ownership of your mistakes.” —Daniel Gomez

34:10 “The fact that you’re beating yourself up, is not serving anybody, and especially you!” —Daniel Gomez

35:51 “There’s a bright future in front of you. It’s beautiful. It’s waiting for you. But you have to believe it for yourself.” —Daniel Gomez

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