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Stop Walking Your Way to Success: Run with the Runners! with Gerritt Cora

If we are looking for success, it is important to know that walking our way to it will not always do the trick. Too often, those who walk slowly in life get left behind by those who run, either figuratively or literally. To get ahead in life, it is important to “run with the runners”. 

We must recognize the value of surrounding ourselves with those who are always on the go and driven by success— those who are dedicated, goal-oriented, and are always looking for ways to improve and move forward in life. When we run, everything becomes clear again: the way ahead becomes obvious; each step becomes a choice; and our potential for growth becomes limitless.

In this episode, Daniel and Progressive Dental Marketing Managing Partner, Gerritt Cora share the key to improving our outcomes and accelerating our success. They also talk about the relationship between giving and abundance, how vision drives success, the importance of consistency, fighting through the fear, the importance of raising our standards, and redefining our identity to get to the next level.

"It's important to be cautious with your money but you also need to celebrate and raise your standard. Do things that are going to raise your standard of living— make that a necessity, not a want." —Gerritt Cora

Episode Highlights
  • 02:10 All We Learn is Universal
  • 05:15 The Relationship Between Giving and Success
  • 11:54 Vision Drives
  • 16:22 Push Through the Fear
  • 22:50 Redefine Yourself
  • 28:23 Raise Your Standards
  • 32:11 What You Focus On, You Attract
  • 38:33 Navigating Market Shift 
  • 42:15 Things Happen FOR Us


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Connect with Gerritt:

Gerritt W. Cora has been with Progressive Dental since its inception in 2009. Gerritt studied financial consulting and marketing at the University of Miami and has since worked with some of the largest dental practices in the country. Skilled in strategy development and motivational speaking, Gerritt has spoken for a variety of industry organizations, including BIOLASE, Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique and the Engel Institute. Gerritt can be found lecturing and training practices across the country on a weekly basis. He currently works with some of the largest producing laser, dental implant and All-on-4® practices in the country.


07:06 “The more impact we make in other people’s lives, we’re awarded 10x.” —Gerritt Cora

09:31 “Business and life is like a marathon, you got to be consistent. And a lot of people are successful at peaks and valleys but the most successful people are just consistent over a period of time.”—Gerritt Cora

11:55 “It’s the vision that drives you. It’s not just about making money— it’s about making that impact.” —Gerritt Cora

13:46 “Your previous success set the standard. You can’t go backwards. You have to be constantly looking to improve.” —Gerritt Cora

16:22 “When you’re fearless, you become limitless.” —Daniel Gomez

24:09 “Redefining who you are and who you want to be to go to this next level that you aspire to achieve is an evolved version of yourself today.” —Gerritt Cora

25:42 “Run with the runners. If you run with runners, you run faster. If you’re running with a bunch of walkers, you’re not going anywhere.” —Gerritt Cora

27:45 “An expanded mind is never going to contract back to its original size.” —Daniel Gomez

29:27 “It’s important to be cautious with your money but you also need to celebrate and raise your standard. Do things that are going to raise your standard of living— make that a necessity, not a want.” —Gerritt Cora

36:08 “Try to not take financial advice from people who aren’t doing it.” —Gerritt Cora

40:26 “When fear approaches, you can do three things: you can fight and win, you can fly and soar, or you can quit, lose and start all over again.” —Gerritt Cora

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