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Leadership 101— How to Be Excellent Stewards with Sue Fries

Leaders have an important duty to serve as good stewards in the best manner possible. Being a great steward isn’t easy – it requires thoughtfulness, keen insight, and empathy. Such leaders make decisions that prioritize long-term sustainability rather than short-term gain and are considerate to the impact that their decisions have on all stakeholders and their environment. 

In this episode, Termite Lady Sue Fries joins Daniel to talk about what stewardship means in leadership and how to achieve excellence in that field. Listen in as they share battle-tested tips on how we can bloom wherever we’re planted, the importance of identifying healthy and unhealthy boundaries, how to be a maximizer, 2 things that leaders need to be, why excellence should always be the goal, and why we should keep going and not give up.

"We don't have to be in church to minister. We should be ministering every single day, every single moment." —Sue Fries

Episode Highlights
  • 04:24 Bloom Where You’re Planted
  • 11:27 Present in the Present with Your Presence
  • 15:02 Open Up Your Ceilings 
  • 18:17 How to Be Good Stewards 
  • 24:33 2 Things That Leaders Need to Be
  • 31:09 Excellence, Not Perfection
  • 35:31 “I Am”
  • 38:11 Glory is Tomorrow


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Connect with Sue:

Sue Fries, pronounced “FREES”, is a renowned advocate for green pest control methods since 1980. She is the owner and president of ECOLA Termite Alternatives, Convene Member of Convene (formerly BBL Forum) and host of The Sue Fries Show on 99.5 KKLA. 

Sue’s work on health solutions for her son’s chronic asthma was effectively captured in her book, Learning to Breathe (2014), receiving an honorable mention in the San Francisco Book Festival and London Book Fair. She is also an author of The Change anthology, a compilation of 20 authors with reflections on personal transformation. 

Sue’s impactful presence on TV, YouTube, and in stores allows her to reach a diverse audience. She has had bit roles on Days of Our Lives, been featured in various TV commercials, and even  won a car for her awesome dance performance on American Bandstand!

Sue has experienced fulfillment through motherhood and now grand-motherhood. In 2020, she welcomed her grand-daughter Montana Jade, followed by her grand-son Dakota Brave in 2021.


14:23 “I want to be better than I was yesterday— And if everybody does that, that’s an amazing thing. But we have to be aware of where we are to get to where we want to go.” —Sue Fries

15:47 “Learn how to own your own home. It’s an important thing to do. We need to be a good steward and a good servant.” —Sue Fries

16:38 “We don’t have to be in church to minister. We should be ministering every single day, every single moment.” —Sue Fries

17:28 “The profit that we make is not just for us. It’s for all of us.” —Daniel Gomez

18:27 “Be better stewards with the money that you are given. You’ve got to have more money than you have days in the week and days in the month.” —Sue Fries

27:12 “You make mistakes, but just keep going because they’re depending on you. Keep going.” —Sue Fries

27:59 “We don’t know everything. God put all of us together so we can help each other out.” —Sue Fries

30:27 “Sometimes, we don’t think we’re being prideful. And we don’t see it. And it’s costing us happiness.” —Daniel Gomez

34:09 “Bloom where you’re planted. Wherever HE puts you, do all you can wherever you are.” —Sue Fries

38:56 “The devil is trying to have you leave before your purpose is done. Don’t listen, rebuke it.” —Sue Fries

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