July 26, 2022

Success Secrets: Start with the Prerequisite to Abundance with Jose Escobar

In this episode, Daniel sits with The Entrepreneur's Bookshelf Founder, Jose Escobar. Daniel and Jose share habits, mindsets, and simple action steps to help us level up both in our personal and professional life.
July 19, 2022

How Great Leaders Get Something Done with Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson, co-author of Brace for Impact: Miracle on the Hudson, discovered what it means to be a leader in times of turmoil when their plane crashed into the Hudson River in January of 2009.
July 12, 2022

How to Cultivate an Elite Mindset with Curtis Mitchell, “Mr. 200”

We're all in this world to be the best version of ourselves. But it’s a long and bewildering journey. In this episode, Daniel sits with the 2014 USA National Champion, “Mr. 200”, Curtis Mitchell.
July 5, 2022

Move From Fear to Faith to Freedom with Ilona Parunakova

In this episode, we are joined by Ilona Parunakova, an International TEDx speaker, a 10x Best-Selling Author, and the CEO of IP Resilience Global. Because of her background, Ilona has faced a lot of rejections in her life.
June 27, 2022

Build Your Own Hero with Mallisa J. Vogel

In this episode, Daniel and Mallisa talk about how to build the hero within us, how to remove the limitations imposed on us, why we should appreciate the boring and mundane stuff that goes into success building, how to set up habits and systems, and what it means to choose our 158.
June 20, 2022

Quit the Idea of Quitting with Abbas Mohammed

Quitting is a gross disservice to ourselves. When we say we can’t do something, we are actually saying, “I’m not good enough to try.” In this episode, Daniel sits with Abbas Mohammed, one of the top 1% real estate brokers in the US and owner of The Abbas Group.
June 14, 2022

Where Happiness Starts with Dwight Heck

This week, Give a Heck Financials Founder, Dwight Heck joins Daniel for a timely conversation on financial health and happiness. Dwight raised his 5 children as a single dad with a job that made it even harder to survive the day-to-day. He felt helpless drowning in sleepless nights and desperation.
June 6, 2022

What Makes an Empowered Woman Entrepreneur? with Lisa Gener

What makes an empowered woman entrepreneur? In this episode, Daniel and Lisa Gener, the CEO of Sales Engeneuity, talk about the characteristics, values, and habits of an empowered woman entrepreneur.
June 3, 2022

Focus Forward- What It Means and How to Do It with Will Ramsey

In this episode, Will talks about how to start moving forward again after tragedy, how to address your emotions head-on, and how to use your story to help others get through their own hardships. Tune in!